2 weeks into flowering..

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Blackpala96, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. IMAG0104.jpg IMAG0105.jpg IMAG0106.jpg output_3.jpg output_2.jpg output.jpg IMAG0104.jpg IMAG0105.jpg IMAG0104.jpg IMAG0105.jpg IMAG0106.jpg output_3.jpg output_2.jpg output.jpg I'm 2 weeks into flower and I'm curious what the pros think about my progress. This is my first successful grow, after about 10 fails.


    Fox Farms bloom
    500w sunnine LED(42" from plant)
    3 gallon pot
    Some light LST

    My nute schedule is water, feed, water.. Every other day. I think I need to change that? I've got quite a few bud sites and they look amazing up close. I would like some feedback on how things are progressing and how I can maximize my yield.

    Thanks IMAG0104.jpg
  2. You're in flower. This is when you lower the f*** out of the light so you can get the intensity you need. I'd put it 18 inches above the plant or just high enough it catches every edge without wasting any. This is simply to high to penetrate or to provide sufficient density of light

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  3. I agree with the above but would go further and say you should have had it lowered all the way through
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  4. Yeah but it's to late now so better late than never

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    I had severe light burn when I first got this light.. Like, leaves being destroyed bad. This started as a cfl grow.
  6. Okay, I moved it down to 18" from the top of the plant.. I will check on it throughout the night to make sure it's not burning like it had been
  7. What effects will this have on my yield? Just based off of the looks of the buds.

    Could I 'bake' them another week to make up for it?
  8. drop it down to like 8-12". I have a 4x2 tent with 4 300 vipars in it and they are 7 1/2-12" from the plant tops.
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  9. Don't drop that light any further than it is now... with it being so far away then just dropping it to 8-12" you could very well fry your plant... starting at 18" is fine just lower it a couple inches a week until at the desired height

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  10. Your plant looks healthy - nice job. I agree with the above posters regarding your light - if you want to increase your yield you need to increase the amount of light the plant gets. Did you defoliate? It looks like it to me. And lastly - you never ever use plain water when in coco - everyday is feeding time. I feed twice a day when my plants are in flower. Good luck.
    Two weeks of flower for comparison.

    Flower 2 weeks.JPG
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  11. Exactly, drop it to 18" then let it grow into the light as much as you feel comfortable.

    First grow using cfls.
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  12. if a 132w light at 12" fries your plant then that lame ass plant didnt deserve to live anyway.... Its a tiny 132w light not the damn sun.
  13. Thanks for the compliment, I tried really hard on this.
  14. Its different if your plants are used to the LED at a reasonable distance but OP has been keeping his light a ridiculous distance and the plant may not respond well... hell I keep my plant 8-12" from my LED in flower as well... not at the start of flower but I gradually go from 28-16" in veg and 16-8" in flower... but again my plants weren't five feet away from the light during the veg stage... all I'm saying is better to be safe than sorry... if he drops that light to 8" it could very well bleach and possibly damage his upper leaves. Just my opinion though.

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  15. I'm telling you, I don't have any pictures to back it up, but when I switched from CFLs to this LED light, the plant exhibited signs of severe leaf burn.

    Also, if I can't use straight water in a coco setup, how do you properly flush the plant of the added nutrients at the end of flower? I'm using, fox farms big bloom mixed per the directions on the back of the bottle.
  16. Looking good, don't forget your pk booster at the halfway point.
  17. Some would argue that flushing is an entirely useless task...

    First grow using cfls.
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  18. The last few days of the grow you could just stop feeding and let it use up the nutes... that's what some consider a flush others consider it flushing when you give it excessive amounts of water at a time.

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  19. Do you have any suggestions for an organic pk booster that is readily available?
  20. I wonder if it wasn't light burn after all and the plant was not liking the straight well water I was giving it the week prior to switching to flower?

    Do my buds look decent for 2 weeks in?

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