2 weeks into flowering Purple Kush

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  1. What you guys think?

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  2. damn nobody tryna tell me im doin good, haha
  3. Looking good. What's your light setup & how tall do you think she is?
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    looks good, bushy with many flower sites. Keep posting pics, I'm following. Are you two weeks into flowering from the first flowers or 2 weeks in from switching the lights to 12/12.

    When you post like that, give us more info. How long did you let them grow, light cycles, whether you cut them, etc. etc. That's what makes this all interesting.
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    The lights are all cfl
    She is 2 weeks since I changed to 12/12
    I am using fox farm soil and nutrients
    She is either purple Kush or crystal. Not sure since the seeds were mixed up
    She's about a foot tall, I kept her down by topping and lst.
    she was vegging for about a 5 weeks so shes been growing for about 7 weeks now.
    Thanks for the compliments I'll update soon

    Ill attach some older pictures so you can see the whole process
  6. this plant gonna have some primo buds
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    Thanks man I can't wait

    Also I was wondering if I should prune the big fan leaves around the stems where the buds are growing. I feel like they might be shading the buds? I don't know though what do you guys think? This is my first real grow.
  8. Here are some new pictures





  9. How long did you veg for?
  10. About 5 weeks, what you think?
  11. Great job looks healthy with multiple bud locations can't wait to see finished product and weights
  12. Thanks man I appreciate it, you got any tips or anything for me at this point, cause this is the first time im doing this, only grown 2 other plants and one was male and one got stolen.
  13. lookin good man.. A tip i can give you is dont tell anyone about it and it wont get stolen.. Not even friends.. Its very temptin to show off n shit. Just dont.. Also what CFLs are you using exactly? and how many? Looking good tho man good job
  14. Thanks bro I deffintly hear that man
    I dont tell anyone bout this except my girl and you guys haha
    I was using 6 daylight 27s for the vegging
    and now im using 8 soft whites for the flowering and its going greatA
    Any other tips about if I should prune the leaves around the buds to give them more light or if I should keep the leaves there would be great.

  15. This morning

    - For picture 3, is that a leaf that I should prune or not? It would make less shade for the other buds but would it mess up that bud site if I pruned?

    -For picture 4 why is it so droopy? Is it due to over watering? I give it 1 pint of water with. Nutes every day, is that too much?





  16. I gave my plants too much nutes once, and the leaves turned kinda yellow. yours look fine to me so I'd say keep on nuting them until the last 2 weeks before harvest.
  17. Beautiful mini grow man, those plants look super healthy. Keep the pics comin.
  18. Thanks for all the compliments guys I really appreciate it
    This is my first grow with topping or lst and the results are incredible
    I think that this plant is deffinitly Crystal and not purple kush
    Does anyone have any experience with crystal?
  19. Update

    If there's anyone that could answer my question about pruning the big fan leaves id appreciate it. Thanks



  20. Beautiful man. Your doing real well.

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