2 weeks into flowering/pics

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  1. Whats up?

    This is my bag seed plant and has been flowering for 2 weeks now and still no sex yet. Im growing in mg moisture control and yes i know...lol..let me know what u think and thoughts and is there any kind of flowering nute i can add???

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  2. Just be patient make sure your cab/room is light proof to rule out light leaks ive had plants that have taken more than a week to show pistils GoodLuck :smoke:

  3. Lol thanks bro. Will do. I mostly just water it and look at it. I don't touch it at all really.

    Do u have any tips on flowering nutes??
  4. For the most part an MJ plant will show you it's male earlier than it would show you it's female. Thus, it could be a good thing "she" is taking a little while.

    Good luck!
  5. Plants need to be kept dry during flowering. The soil should also dry out more than veg. Folier spraying can lead to mold during flower.
    Letting the plants dry out encourages root growth and healthy roots which are need for the mass the plants put on during flower.

  6. Hey thanks for the comment. Yeah Im waiting. Lol. I'm also using 1-68w 2700k cfl 2-42w 2700k cfl's. Do u guys think this is enough for one plant? Or is it too much?

    And any tips on the flowering nute. If there is something I could use let me know.

  7. O crap. Idk about folier spray could cause mold. Hmmm. Thanks for the tip. And I water it about every two days or whenever it looks dry.
  8. AFAIK, the mold issue during flowering is more of a concern during the later stages of flowering when the plants are really budding. At that point, they don't always dry out well enough compared to when it was simply a green plant.
  9. With CFL's the more the better! Most believe you need at least 100 actual watts per plant, so you have that covered. As long as they are positioned well all around the plant, and are really close (no more than a few inches) to the plant, your lights will be effective.

    As far as nutes go for flowering, I use a combination of Fox Farm Big Bloom (also used in veg) and Fox Farm Tiger Bloom (flowering only). There are plenty of options, but I would recommend those two from personal experience. Read up a bit on nutes if you want more opinions though.

  10. Good to know thanks

  11. Yeah I have the lights as close as I can get them without burning the leafes. And for nutes. I'm using mg moisture control so I am gonna have to see if that fox farm or other flowering nutes can be added. Without goofin the plant.
  12. Do you play XBOX in your bathroom? :wave:

  13. lol I was playing then got up to take some pics. Lol. Good eye!!!!
  14. can someone tell me why the top of my plant looks like a venus fly trap lol..is it to hot or what?? :confused::confused:

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  15. Haha venus fly trap, thats funny! Looks normal. They will open up, and fan out in opposite directions like the rest!

    Unless you have somehow managed to cross-breed a venus fly trap and an MJ plant I would think you're ok.
  16. Ok guys guys ITS a SHE yeahhhhhhh!!!!! She has grown some white pupic hairs lol. I'm so happy cause the other plant b4 this was a male. And I was so bumed out. Ha. But I got a girl now and she is looking good. My camera doesn't take great close ups. Sooo I will post some pics as soon as she grows a little more. Maybe in a week or less. I will have some pics.

    Also the bigger leafs are blocking the littler colas and I wanted to see If I should trim her up so all the important parts are getting enough light. So let me know guys. :D:hello:
  17. Try tucking those leaves out of the way of the bud sites. Cutting is an option, but always avoid stressing the plant when it's possible (especially during flowering!)


  18. Thanks bro.

    I have been tucking then away and pushing them down as much as I can. I move the plant in and outside. So that way she can get some fresh air. And good old free sun light. Man it's a great feeling of waiting and waiting for her to flower.
  19. Totally agree man. Flowering is a spectacle to see!! She's gonna get big!
  20. i have a ? is ok to cut the big leafs, not the whole thing but how they trim the ends of clones. im thinking this will let me get closer with my lights instead of always tucking them or having to cut the whole branch thing. i hope u guys kinda have an idea

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