2 weeks into flowering - comments pls

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by InsiderGrower, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. Here's my girls, 2 weeks into flowering and this is how they look like, I'd like to hear comments from experienced growers, this is my first time and I have little point of reference as to how succesfull I've been.

    Am I getting enough growth at 2 weeks taken from the pictures?


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  2. more pics

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  3. and another one

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  4. what about a lil run on your set up...

    plants look strech out... but buds are forming nicely....

    just tell us about your set up.....
  5. it looks like u mounted your light on the celleing through the whole thing?? wtf buddy why are they so spindally
  6. Lookin kinda anorexic (sp?). Did you recently prune them? What type of light are you using?
  7. k, thanks all for your answers, looking forward to listen to some more :)

    here's the details, yes they were just pruned a few days ago, and have been pruned twice (once a week while flowering), light has indeed been higher than it should (1000W MH) for two reasons:

    1) Heat, so hard to keep the thing cold (need to change my hood to do this effectively)

    2) if lower, plants on the outer edges do not get enough light and twist severely towards the light (need a light mover).

    They've been fed 10-50-10 almost every other day until recently that I'm starting to see over-nitrogen symptoms (burned tips and "claw" shaped leaves), watered them 2 days ago and have had no meals for 5 days including today. Looking for a verylow-high-low mix that has less than 10N but hopefully with same P-K

    grodaka, where are u seeing a possible P deficiency? symptoms I know are purple stems and necrotic patches, currently they have no purple stems.
  8. very good resource grodaka! appreciate it!
  9. can you recommend an H20 - H2O2 ratio? i am aware there is information available online... i'd like to get a personally proven recommendation though
  10. next round try organics :) i saw that you were feeding every other day and have stopped with that regime. thats good. there isnt a whole bunch you can do now but keep them healthy until the end of harvest. other than that it should be a good expierement to put towards your next gro.
  11. I definitelly want to go organic my next crop I'll try to go 100% no-chems :)

    I also want to have a small hydro setup for a few strong sativas (droool), I think it's easier to get the most potential when you have the capacity to control as many aspects as you do when doing hydro
  12. those r some thin ass leaves u got on them plants.

    id say u had a allmost pure satvita there, dont worry about the streach, u will get it with sat's the buds wont b huge so u shudnt have to many probs with branchs breaking under the weight.

    if u have to keep the light high to light all the plants then im guessin u have a lot of plants under that light. thats a good way to get a good yeald from a satvita.

    plants look healthy enough, buds comming on well. id just carry on with more of the same, to start messing around with h2o2 now when u havent used it before risks damage to a plant in flower. if u do try it then just experiment on a coupple of the plants.

    keep up the good work.
  13. thanks THUG,

    I think I got the N-P problem figured out, giving them a 4-14-14 currently and starting to see the problems go away :-D

    Goot to hear my girls might be high sativas.

    I'll experiment with H2O2 with my next generation. I'll post some newer pictures soon.

    I currently have 1000W of HPS just laying around waiting to be set up at a different location, my original idea was to have one room for veg with 1000W MH and one room for flower with 1000W HPS, I'm thinking about maybe setting up one ultra-powered room instead of 2 good-enough setups.

    The super-room setup will be the following:

    1000W MH + 1000W HPS, CO2 at 1900PPM average, and I guess I'll go hydro in that case, how quickly do you think I can get a plant into flowering with that setup?

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