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2 weeks into flowering and i have ran out of hight space please help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by THE DANIMAL, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Hello gc, so my plants are touching the lights in my grow box and the lights are al the way up. I have herd of ppl tying the plant over but me being the beginner that I am have never done this, can some one give me sum tips and also I have herd of supercroping is it too late to do this and whats the best thing for me to do keep in mind I'm using cfl's thanks guys and peace
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    is it in flowering? if not top it, if in flowering i pretty sure u can set up a net above it pull the plant under it so the top is alil sideways so it is bent under the net. there is sum stuff like phosphoload load or something thats almost stops the growth of the plant in flower for 1-2 days read the link.

    PhosphoLoad - Liquid Specialty Fertilizer (1-10-2)

    heres another link to sumone awsking the same Q as u pertty much.
  4. or u can slowly LST it, what we really need to know is, is your plant flowering? and how big of a room? how tall of a plant?
  5. you said it yourself OP, bend it down. just be gentle. i think you can handle it cowboy. now grow some balls and get in there and fix shit
  6. Haha ight man but if I bend it and tigh it down will it still grow fine and can it be a 90 degree. And they are in flower there in the second week and the box is 3o inches its a rubber made thing to keep like garden shit in thanks guys for the quick replie
  7. if the stems didnt snap it can handle it. 90 is a bit extreme but if you can do it with out snapping or bruising any stems you'll be ok. basically avoid cutting your buds cuz thats not fun

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