2 weeks into flower, too late to clone?

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    Im coming up on 2 weeks this saturday of flowering. It appears that I may only have 1 female out 9 plants, which is kind of disappointing. I was wondering if I could take a couple trimmings off the female and make clones, but is it too late now that its 2 weeks in.

    I can see the white pistols, they're maybe 1cm long.

    Could I make the clones and switch back to 18/6 and veg? Or just finish this grow?
  2. What's your time frame? If you're not on a strict schedule, just bright her back into veg. It'll take awhile (2-4 weeks, some strains are finicky), but it's worth it. Take a cutting or two immediately just to see if it's not too late, but yeah, bring her back into veg.

    Sorry about your bad coin-flip, man.
  3. Nah I don't have a time frame.
    I found a local garden center that has rooting powder. Is that just as good as the gel or no?
  4. 2 weeks is fine dont reveg

  5. Like do you mean just take the clippings and put them at 18/6 and leave the mother at 12/12?
    This is only my second time growing and my first time doing clones, So I don't know a whole lot.
  6. Dont reveg. You can clone her just fine. It will take her longer to root and more attention from you but its totally possible. I take my clones from flowering plants.

  7. But I still have to veg the clones right or should I just leave them at 12/12?
    And If I do leave them at 12/12 will they become decent sized plants or are they gonna be little babies with little buds?

  8. When I take clones, I put them under a single 26 watt 6500k cfl running 24/0. Once they root and establish in your medium, you will still need to veg them for at least a couple weeks under 24/0 or 18/6 before inducing flowering.
  9. If you're going to do it, do it now... Wait much longer and they'll be really difficult to root.
  10. [quote name='"Grower409"']If you're going to do it, do it now... Wait much longer and they'll be really difficult to root.[/quote]

    Yes, now or never.
  11. Im gonna do it today, just one more question. lol

    Should I let them sit in water for a day or two, Or dip them in water then into the powder and plant them?
  12. This.
  13. Ok I did it.
    I dipped them into water for a few minutes and then into the powder.
    I took 3 trimmings; 2 were lower branches and 1 was the top of the plant.
    This is the first time the plant was topped in its life.

    The 2 lower ones look good so far (the leaves aren't drooping)
    The top of the plant is looking very sad and I was wondering should I take off the fan leaves toward the top (the ones that are drooping) or leave them?


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  14. This is a clone ,cut from a former seeded Mother (pineapple), that was almost 4 weeks into flowering. It had absolutely no problems reverting back to veg under 18/6 & is now also into 11th day of the 12/12 flowering stage.

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  15. Ok well that makes me feel a little bit better :)
    I'll upload some new pics next week to show progress.
  16. I was reading a post by Smokey on cloning and it says to place your clone in the dark for 24 hours.
    Im confused I thought I was suppose to put them in 18/6.
    Which do I do?
  18. Ive cloned well into flower....it dont matter man. It will just take longer to establish itself as a knew plant...then into veg and new growth. Just keep budding your plant if harvesting it is what you want to do. I dont havent heard the 24 dark thing....personaly i cut it plug it and put it under cfls asap.... I do however only veg 24 hours a day...i dont understand cheating yourself out of SIX hours of growth
  19. I wouldnt cut ANY leaves though....even if they are droopy leave em. The plant needs those...
  20. Well by the time I was done trimming and planting the light cycle was just about over. So they went right into darkness. Tomorrow at 6am they will be going 18/6. I did trim the leaves and that seemed to help them. I'll know more in the next few days.

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