2 weeks flowering

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  1. These are my clones all grown up now 2 weeks flowering.

    I am out of my good nutes had to get some Schultz plant food 10-15-10. They seem to be ok with it just that the new sets of leaves coming in are really lime green almost yellow. Is this some kind of deficiency or nothing to be worried about ?

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    I don't think its necessarily a deficiency problem, I think it just happens when they start to flower and stop vegging. What strains are those?
  3. They are unknown strain i picked up from a friend mostly indica.

    This is my 5th time cloning them and who knows how many times they were cloned by him. Do marijuana plants degrade after they have been cloned over and over ?

    I was worried this was some kind of deficiency.

    Thanks for the input.
  4. It could be side effect of fert. Nothing to worry about though, just as long as it's better within a day or so. You can try raising the light a click or two until they straighten out
  5. Problem in my room is that i can't raise my light. I only have about 3 1/2 ft. of height in my growing space. That is why these girls are so small. I hook the main stem to the pot hardly even bend it over and it stunts them pretty good and all the lower growth just booms to make more tops.

    I just checked on them and in just a few hours the lime green on the new growth seems to be darkening up. Another question is it bad to use molasses mixed in with the schultz plant food or is it strictly for when you are using organic nutes ?

    Thanks for the info.
  6. not sure about that one, never used it. I would think it would def benefit more with organic atleast. any1 know? I am wondering same thing now.
  7. Update on my grow.

    Most if not all the lime green leaves are darkened up and looking healthy.

    Adding a pic on my next bunch of girls and a look into my room. From the pic you can see the rim to the reflector and how close my light is to my tops.

    I germinated about 6 bag seeds and popped them into soil tonight hoping for at least 2-3 females.

    The clone in the white pot i didn't think would make it. I was about to pull her out all she had was a small green leaf left. I kept misting her like the others and moved her back from the light some and she started putting out some new growth. Amazing comeback so far.

    Still looking for some input on the question in my last post. Can you use molasses with Schultz plant food or organic nutes only ? I don't want to poison my girls.

    Gonna go check my girls now. :smoking:

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  8. New pics

    A few spots showed up on my leaves from some heat issues. I moved a few of my fans around to push air out of the closet but a few got crispy.

    Cant wait till October going to get me a tent :smoke:

    What do you guys think so far ?

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  9. That's lookin good dude, gonna be a nice harvest. any time you start seeing light damage just raise light, adjust fans, or try bending vranches down slightly. keep us posted peace

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