2 Weeks darkness for white widow before chop?

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    Hey :)

    Im on week 9 of flower with these babies and I'm really just curious as to when I should commence this so called dark period to induce optimum resin production for WW ?

    And also how long should it last? 2 weeks sounds pretty crazy to me so i was just gunna do like 72hrs max??

    Heres some pics also..


    But my big question here is when should I put them into perma darkness and how long for ?

    Cheers ppl :smoke::smoke:

    Oh and i have like 5% amber trichs, a lot are milky and some still clear..
  2. who told you 2 weeks darkness? do a day or 2 days darkness then chop
  3. btw its lookin really nice
  4. whats the strain?
  5. Lol white widow? its in the title...

    And um, the 2 weeks thing was mentioned on the actual seed site, and it's a known method used by many growers.

    And you didn't address my main question, when is the right time to start darkness??
  6. um, well it depends how you want your buzz....personaly id do it now. more heady upy energetic high
  7. maybe go for another 3 4 days then go darkness
  8. Thanx dude, tryna get your posts up much? lol
  9. not really but it comes with reading on here alot lol

    and being baked,you forget to add shit on your message :D
  10. Anyone else ever grown WW or done this technique ??
  11. 2 weeks of darkness? Are you kidding me? What seed website suggested this? Your plants will deteriorate when left that long in complete darkness.
  12. 2 weeks of darkness would just make your buds mature and not grow, if you are going 2 weeks of darkness after when you are supposed to harvest it will deteriorate. not a good idea for that long of darkness either way you go. usually people will let them go a day or 2 in darkness to promote more trichs. also when chopping a plant after its been in the light you can lose some potency from handling it. best to cut after the dark cycle or give it a day or 2 of complete darkness. doesnt matter what strain it is...2 week dark period is a bad idea
  13. That looks no where near ready. no swollen calyxs or anything. 2 more weeks it should be good
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    Lol say what dude? Its a few days from being ready, already got ambers coming along.
  15. And yeah its not only the seed site that said it 'irishseedbank.ie' but its been posted around on here and rollitup etc. I wasn't actually considering 2 weeks darkness i was just putting it out there for this thread because it was the initial timespan I heard about..

    I'm still just wondering when i should put them into darkness, i can see maybe 3 ambers on most buds so im confused :/
  16. Its a wate of time period.

    Old wives tail..

  17. The 2 weeks of it yeah, but having a dark phase of at least 24hours before chop is pretty good yo, so the theory itself is not a waste of time
  18. Some growers swear by pre harvest dark periods, while others say it doesn't make a difference. The theory sounds logical, ...but then again before the advent of the airplane, man thought it seemed logical to construct wings coated with feathers...
    Would LOVE to see some scientific research on this topic!

  19. Im sorry please dont take my post wrong i wasnt trying to be mean. Just from my opinion buds should look plumped up like its gonna explode when the calyx swell check to see if you have little small new calyx growth cuz if u do you could be losing alot of weight and even if there amber the outside of new growth of bud will be clear again

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