2 Weeks Budding, CFL Start/Finish-5 Strains

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    This is my second grow operation i got going on at my friends place, Closet grow.
    8 plants, 4 Hyphy's, 1 GDP, 1 Hindu-Kush/Skunk, 1 Grape Ape, 1 OG KUSH.
    All plants were vegging for about month to mnth and a half, all are topped.
    we have 9 CFL's For right now, all wattage between 100-150 per lightbulb, not sure of ACTUAL wattage. Temperature between about 70 At night 74-75 day. They started budding on Feb 20th

    Help or any personal tips are always welcome :)

    when is this about to start smelling?
    how can i take care of that? carbon scrubber/air filter? Details?
    Should i be expecting a respectable yield for these 8 plants?
    Are the CFLS really not cutting it?

    Top Pictures Beginning, Middle is 2 weeks budding, Bottom is 2 days before budding

    More/Better pics of individual plants/bud soon

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  2. by the bud u said ur growing I know u live in the bay lol

    hyphy's wtf are those? I go stupid go dumb get hyphy but never heard of a weed plant called it lol.

    and I think you need to double your cfls (lacking penetration of the light) for my 6 plants i have 16 cfls use like 12-2700ks and 4-6500ks and u'll be lookin gorgeous.

    they should start getting stinky now and for your smell do this since u have a closet it works wonders perfect-odour-neutralizer

    as for ur yeild that can never be told from pictures because it all depends on if u switch up ur lights, what nuts your using, the kind of plant you grow and how you train your plant(you have topped). good luck keep us informed
  3. and those pots look pretty small so ur plants are also root bound I would bet :) sorry to be the bad news bear
  4. Thanks man appreciate the tips, And the pots are kinda small for this one grow we had to save some room but after this we will up it up.

    Hyphy is my friends strain he crossed NorthernLightsxGrape
  5. CFLs will do they trick if you have enough and the correct ones...

    Your bulbs look pretty white, did you switchout for 2700k bulbs? You need to go by true CFL watts, equivelant means nothing in growing. Most 100w bulbs are aroun 25w, so that means you would have about 225w.
  6. Update. 2 Days away From 3 Weeks On 12/12

    And I have I think 3 100 Watt Cool White CFLs, And 6 150 Watt like warm yellow color.
    You really think more wattage is needed? It seems to be alot of light.

    First Pic: Side view of all 8

    Second Two: Grape Ape

    Ill get more of the Hindu Kush/Skunk, GDP, Hyphys, OG Kush later

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  7. That probably work out to about 325 true CFL watts... you should see good results... if you did add more I'd put a few down lower , so that all arent at the tops...

    Lookin good
  8. I think i just might do that. Hopefully today or tomorrow i can get some really nice pictures of the other strains, and these pics are good but then again its my camera phone lol
  9. lol cfls are so weak.
  10. I think they look pretty good. It never hurts to add more bulbs, you can't really have too many CFLs. Keep it up, your are doing fine.
  11. Thank you :) Hoping to get somthing pretty nice outa these ill get more pictures when i can with the lights on.

  12. CFL's are not weak..you just have to know how to use them:devious:
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    This is only your second grow,use it as a learning platform. Contrary to what some uninformed people may believe, you can do some incredible things with CFL's...just take a look at my CFL grow;) you will do fine just keep an open mind.
  14. New pics up soon. They are 3 days away from 4 weeks flowering. I havnt seen them for a few days this should be a nice suprise
  15. get some more cfl's. if u want a good yield u need about 160-200 watts per plant in flowering. and dont buy any more cool whites, only warm whites from now on
  16. Yeah i only have a few soft white most of my lights are warm. And I am getting some more to put in the middle to get some more lighting.

    Some new pics these were taken at about 4 Weeks into flowering and On friday they will be at 5 weeks.

    Pic 1 - GDP
    Pic 2- Grape Ape
    Pic 3- Hyphy
    Pic 4- Whole Shot

    feedback :)

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  17. yah really i was gotten same buds at same time of flowering but ,i wasnt wery happy with yield.

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