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  1. Wanting to set up a perpetual grow.ive got my flowering tent setup and have just brought a 600x600x1600h tent for mothers.i currently have a couple clones in there under a 150w cfl but as i would like to eventually harvest every 2 weeks im gonna need fast growing mothers so has anybody got any experience with 2 week harvests and the 140watt mothers lil helper.theyre $800 here so dont wana spend that kinda mo ey if theyre not that great.cheers in advance!
  2. A harvest every two weeks would be a big stretch

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  3. I harvest every 10 to 14 or so days. It's very easy to do.

    Keep one agree in which you'll keep both your vegging plants, a couple of moms and your clones in the same place. These can all stay on the same light schedule, anywhere from 18 hours to 24 hours a day. I personally run mine at 24/7 for my veg area.

    Just keep a steady supply of clones and vegging plants going. When you start out, add a single plant to your flower area - you biggest and healthiest plant.

    '10 to 14 days or so after that add plant no. 2 to the flower area. 10 to 14 days or so after that add another - and 10 to 14 days or so after that add another.

    By keeping clones and vegging plants constantly going, the day that you harvest your first plant just add your biggest and healthiest plant to the flower room to replace it. 10 to 14 days after that another will be ready to harvest - just replace that the same day you harvest as well - and so on and so on.

    This is easy and it works. I can't stand harvesting and trimming an entire room at once so this works perfectly for me.

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  5. I looked at those lights because they had good reviews but the price is high for these days. I do believe they are a high quality light and will serve you well.

    If you can time an order for when they come in you could run quantum boards for much less. They have a 135 watt kit I would compare to a 140 watt mother's helper light. It's up to 150 watts for $185. I just put together one of their two board kits. I'm so impressed. It's so bright it's crazy, dimmable as well so you can really dial in the heat and efficiency of the room. Mine looks much brighter then my 515 watt p900 right next to it. Parts in 4 weeks last I heard.
    135W QB LED Kit

    You can veg successfully with very little watts with high quality leds. I veg with 2 90 watt California lightworks vegmasters in a 4x4. It's 11.25 watts per square but it overgrows the tent and vegges monsters.

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  6. Are you planning on flowering with the mother's helper as well? You would probably be better off with a different flower light like spectrum king's sk400.

    The mother's helper is a veg specific light as the name implies. My led's I use for veg are also veg specific spectrum. They use a lot of blue to boost veg growth but it doesn't flower near as well as a lot of red mixed in.

    This is the spectrum of the 400. Much better suited for flower. You can replace 3 mother's helper lights with one sk400.
  7. Thanks for all the info ill defanetly look into those boards.yes $800 is alot of money to put down on a light.i use a lumatek 600w digital for flowering and get great results but as you have said harvesting alot at once kinds sucks and staggering smaller amounts at 2 week intervals would ve much better for me.will have a look at those lights now!
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  8. I agree I hate trimming large amounts at once. It took me over a week last harvest hours every night.
  9. Lol i guess when you work out what the hourly rate is for hours of trimming/weighing out vs a factory job it soon brightens your mood

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