2 week old plant help needed thxs!

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    Ok i am growing for my first time and trying to do it the right way. Now i am currently on day 14 and i just hit a lil speed bump and starting to see one of my babies start to turn yellow and end of two leafs started to curl up!
    i am using
    90 blue and red ufo grow light
    this is my first concern.i think the tips are burnt because i had my ufo led about 7 inches away from the top. and this morning i check it and saw that it was weltering and looking either under watered or over watered. but i watered it and switched to a 18/6 light schedule. After the 6 hours and watering it started to look better but still yellow and curled at the ends
    this is my second plant and im not sure if the leaves are black or purple but the inner two are still curled up and i was just wondering if there is any reason why?
    Thank you

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  2. What kinda soil you using?:wave:

  3. IMG_1938.jpg
    hopefully thats a good enough picture

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  4. Dude at two weeks they should not be seedlings any longer. my advice is to ditch those plants and restart with florescents and miracle grow seedling mix because those quit growing some time ago.
  5. I am having a similar problem and I think its the LED grow light I am using... I got one from glow-panel.com... I have the glowpanel 45 which is supposed to surpass a 250W MW for vegging but my plants look thin and starved for light. Anyone else comment?

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