2 week old marijuana plant dying

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  1. High :) so these are my plants 2 of them are looking funny I'm not sure what it is I'm thinking it could be too much water does anyone have an idea? They are 2 weeks old indoor after week and a half I have switched the light to 18/6
    , fan for 30 minutes a day watering them twice a day 6 ounces of water. My friend told me to feed them sugar water and put banana peels around the plants I have done that should I remove them or leave them there? Thank you :))

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    You had the light on 24hrs before switching to 18/6 right?

    What kind of light are they under and how close to the plants is it? They appear to need much more light, and it likely needs to be much closer.

    Are they in an tightly enclosed space? Eventually, especially as they get bigger, they will use up all the CO2 in an enclosed space. No CO2 = no photosynthesis = plant shuts down and eventually dies. You will need to exhaust stale air and allow fresh air to enter to supply CO2. Since they are still quite small this may not yet be an issue. But it will need to be solved if they have to be enclosed.

    Quit the sugar water and lose the banana peel - risks attracting pests. Use regular tap water, unless yours has tested particularly bad. Let it sit for 24hrs first if it's city water to let any supplemented chlorine evaporate.

    edit: While they are stretching a lot (not good... starved for light and reaching up towards it ... leads to weak, spindly plants), they don't actually appear too unhealthy otherwise. The first set of small rounded leaves that are dying off - that's typical; those are cotyledons - not true leaves but the part of the embryo that first starts photosynthesis. Once real leaves grow out they are not useful to the plant.
  3. Yes they were in 24hr light, they were 25 inches from the light I moved them today in the morning to 10 inches from the light. I'm not quite sure what kind of light I am using because I went to a hydroponic store and they told me that was the appropriate late for around a month. They are in a closed space I'm planning to move them to a different space in about a month
  4. Well if you've been the hydro shop you're at least one step ahead of most people asking. You probably have a fluorescent fixture, perhaps a "T5" - perfect. Moving the light this morning was a good step.

    Watering twice a day is likely far too often for your media, and no need to use a precise measure. Water until you get a nice bit of runoff coming out the bottom -this indicates the soil is pretty evenly and fully wetted which is what you're after. Make sure the pot doesn't sit with the bottom soaking in the runoff.

    Here's the key: Then let the soil dry out, probably for a couple days, until there's quite little moisture left. The most dramatic indicator for when it's time to water will be the difference in the weight of the pots. Get a feel for their weight fully watered and mostly dry.
  5. Okay:) and I have like a water system I'm not sure what it's called it's pretty much just 2 trays one on top of another and the plants on top the trays get the water that falls from the pots I clean them every 2 days or so. Also would it be bad for me to change them from indoor to outdoor I was planning to change them at a month old?
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    Take it easy on the water twice a day any amount is too much for that lil one

    i would do half a cup once every 4 or 5 days on that size plant

    What light you got on them? watts and check the color itll say like 6500k 6400k 5000k 2700k on the bulb usualy
  7. why do you say its dead?
  8. Yeah I'm going to feed it less i was watering it 6 ounces I'm going to cut it to 3 ounces. And for the light im not sure and I can't check right now they are at my grandpas house :/
  9. It's my first grow I'm not really sure how it's suppose to look and to me it looks like they are dying, correct me if I'm wrong please.
  10. It looks fine to me
  11. Looks fine to me too. Ive never watered twice a day though, but from what i see they look fine .Keep it up mate.
  12. ya man looks fine, bit stretched maybeyo u can lower your light a inch or 2 to fix that
  13. Only problem here is over watering and adding crap to the water.

    I water once, maybe twice a week. There is no schedule for watering, water on weight of the pot not what the calender says. As for the other stuff (banana/sugar water) you shouldn't be doing that at any stage. If you want to add anything then look into compost teas (AACT's).

    All in all, once you back of watering they will explode with growth. :)
  14. This is good advice listen to batfink mate
  15. They look perfectly fine to me.Maybe less wet soil?
  16. Yeah I'm going to water it when the soil is dry :). And here's more pictures of it there's a purple trunk is that okay? I think the seeds are purps I'm not sure tho

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  17. First thing u need to do is get that light as close as you can without frying them. You can see how stretched they are due to that. Wouldn't hurt to put in a small stake to sturdy it up and when it comes time to repot, bury it to just below the first node. This will encourage new root growth which, Is a good thing.

    Dont repot it until its ready though. Support them and put a small fan and them stems will fatten up.
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    They were 10 inches away I moved it to around 3 inches from the light is that too close?

    When will I know when it's going to be ready to repot them?
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    [quote name='"GhostSmoke420"']They were 10 inches away I moved it to around 3 inches from the light is that too close?

    When will I know when it's going to be ready to repot them?[/quote]

    I would advise you check the temp before deciding to be honest.

    When to repot is a total different conversation mate, depending on your regime and final goal. All u need to know now is they are fine in them pots for now. What size are they again lol?

    Less is more at this time. Don't kill them with love which is easy done mate, don't over think it, its a plant at the end of the day.
  20. I believe they are in a 4 inches by 4 inches pot judging it by sight.

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