2 week old lowryder

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    First time grower and working with limited space. I started 3 lowryders about 15 days ago after germination I placed them in peat pucks under 4 6500k 100 watt eq. cfls. They are on an 18/6 light cycle and the temp stays between 72-80 degrees with humidity around 45-50% with adequate ventilation. I started feeding with growbig mixed about 1/3 recommended amount about a week ago every other watering. One of the 3 seems to be a tad smaller and droopier than the others, below are the pics.

    (The one above is the one that I thought looked a tad weaker, the peat puck was transplanted into a pure ocean forest blend.)

    the pic above is in ocean forest and light warrior as well.

    Any info or tips would be much appreciated.


  2. Gonna Want more than 4 CFL's for 3 plants. Or is it per plant? Also, I'm not sure but because your strain is autoflowering I think you can give more light than 18/6, especially with only 4 cfls/3 plants. The one that's drooping might be over watering?
  3. have some lowryders my self that are about the same age, curious to see what more seasoned people think of those pics.

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