2 Week Hashplant with BROWN spots on leaves... God damn, wont someone help me?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Wrecked, Feb 20, 2009.

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  2. i cant make anything out from your photo, but only two weeks in you shouldn't have to feed it nutes juss yet, your plant indeed might be suffering from nute burn, if it gets worse flush it with some ph water, other than that wait it out see how your plant reacts to the nutes it was feed.
  3. Wait... You mean you didnt see the brown spots on the bottom fan leaf?
  4. your photos huge! an blurry, but yes i see the brown dots, its nothing to worry about if your really concerned about it flush your plants with ph water and wait till the plants 3-4 weeks before you start feeding it nutes, that dosen't mean you can't feed it nutes at an early age but start with 1/4 strength an work your way up slowly to recommend dosages, on another note what type soil and lights are being used?
  5. 150 watt hps, with a few cfls for supplemental light. And Chia herb soil... Which is like 50 peatmoss, 25 vermiculite, 25 pearlite I think.
  6. There's your problem right there.....peat moss. That stuff can get the yellowing and in conjunction with high PH water, the brown spots. Ease up on the watering as the peat moss retains a lot of moisture as does the vermiculite. Water twice a week with about a cup full, use 1/4 strength nutes every other watering.

    Good Luck!!
  7. I did a PH test and it turned out to be 7.0. Thanks for the help, saved me a lot of trouble down the road.
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  9. Stems dont have THC in them, FAIL

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