2 vaporizer scams, I think i am gonna cry.

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  1. Hello guys,
    ive been vaporizing with my friend few that times and he had old DaVinci vaporizer and ive felt in love with vaporizing. So i order G Pro from my local e-ciggarete shop.
    It was fake. I did a burn without herb and it was smelling so much like burned plastic so i refunded it and got my money back ( without delivery money ).
    I order Hebe Titan 2 from vaporizer-online.de and guess what...
    Its fake. Fake looking. Wasnt burning plastic on start but after usage it started releasing smoke on its own withotu herb in...
    I hope ill get a refund and buy actuall vaporizer that am gonna use and if not am gonna probrally kill somebody. :)

    Dont buy these vaporizer they are hazardous to your health! At least i think please comment and help me.
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  2. Hey my friend, sorry to hear of your troubles.

    Before you purchase any vape you can always ask your fellow Blades here at GC for help/opinions on what may work for you, as well as trusted retailers. That way you can purchase with confidence.

    By the way, GC is a retailer and carries many quality vapes that are well reviewed as well.
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  3. There is much much much more vaporizer info over at Fuckcombustion. There is a thread dedicated to fales so you can compare.

    Buying online from the sponsors of GC or the sponsors over at FC should be safe.

    I have the same user name over at FC, you can feel free to PM me, I can help you get an Air with an extra battery for about $150 USA.if you decide on Air.
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  4. I am going to refund the Titan 2 and then probably buy and FlowerMate 5V.0 from Flowermate V5.0 Vaporizer - Free EU shipping - VapoShop...
    Do you guys thing this is trustful site and this FlwoerMate is going to be nice finally so i dont get fucked for third time? :D
    Thanks fellaz
  5. Go to fuckcombustion and read up on various models. There's huge amounts of information there.
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  6. If you liked the DaVinci why not get one of those?

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  7. I ordered my Pax directly from the website and ordered my Arizer Extreme Q from planetofthevapes.com

    I'm gonna just order all my vape stuff from planetofthevapes from now on. It's cheaper than the vape shops, and authentic. I ordered mine around the holidays and they had a promo code so that made it cheaper than the Arizer website too, and I got some free gifts like a grinder and a vacuum seal weed container.

    My tip is, just stay away from vape pens if you're using dry herb. Even the Pax got tedious with the repacking and constant cleaning it needed and on the highest setting, it did combust the bud. The Arizer Extreme Q doesn't combust it at all, and you can totally tell the difference from the vaped bud after. If you're looking for portable, I'd recommend the Magic Flight Launch Box. Seen a lot of people rave about it on here and its really efficient with the bud.
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  8. I am from Europe so i am going to buy from biggest europe vaporizer shop this flowermate: Flowermate V5.0 Vaporizer - Free EU shipping - VapoShop
    Did you heared about that vape? And thanks for reply)
  9. I dont think its good with the plastic mouthpiece now. Thats why i want now to buy this: Flowermate V5.0 Vaporizer - Free EU shipping - VapoShop
    Did you heared about this V5.0?
  10. I have heard of that vape on here and some good things about it. I don't know too much about it though.
  11. Get a MFLB. Has a bit of a learning curve to it. Once you get the hang of it, it can be a wonderful device. Also stealthy and cheapest true vaporizer.

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  12. I just founf out that from official Flowermate website i can order flowermate v5.0 s mini for 105 dollars... Thats so awesome its free shipping i am ordering it as soon as i can so i can finally start my vape life! :D :)))
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  13. Check out puffitup.com as well. Best customer service I've ever experienced. Her carries nothing but genuine products, and usually has some pretty solid discounts on FM products. I purchased my imag from him for 55 and it's now in my daily rotation.
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  14. Gotta make sure you buy from a reputable dealer. Like the old saying goes, If the price seems to good to be true, it probably is.

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