2 totally diff questions LOL

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dankdro, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. First, what is the best way to cure chronic? one of my buddys did his first grow. took the buds from the plan about 2 months ago, put them in a baggie, and just left them there. When we dont have anything else we try to burn a blunt of this and it just wont stay lit. HORRIBLE...anyone have any suggestions???

    Second, how do u make a drink from shrooms? I read in another post somethine about brewing them....can anyone explain this further?

    Well im off to class, so Ill check some responses when I get back, thanks for the help guys
  2. First, wrong forum you want to put this in the grow forum:)

    Second, the bag thing is whagt fucked up your weed...you want to keep it in a air tight container, usually in the fridge for a month or longer to cure it.
  3. http://www.overgrow.com/growfaq/browse.php?topic=19

    next time, do a search. *points to the far right of the top menu* You'll find most of your questions have been previously answered on this board. If not, Overgrow.com has some very useful Grow Faqs.
  4. when and if l stop laughing l,ll tell ya what ya shouda done ,lol.
  5. To drink mushrooms you just make mushroom tea. It's kinda like making normal tea but you just use shrooms and water.
  6. LOL
    did you realy do that man you know f*ck some bud up.
    oh man.urm lol.
    its got to be a joke right.
    laters jay.
  7. Also, by puttin the bud in a plastic bag what you did was sweat it. So basically a lot of the moisture came out of the bud and sat in the baggie(condensation). That moisture was left to soak up into the bud some more and cause the inside of the baggy to become humid. Which probably perpetuated molding. And if it was at all warm or in direct light for an extended period of time I can damn near guarantee it molded. So all in all, it did nothing good for the bud. If I'm wrong on all this, someone go ahead and correct me.
  8. sorry if its not a joke but???
    you got that far and the easy bit you got wrong??
    if its not got mould your lucky.if it hasnt dry now........
    laters jay.

  9. thats exactly what i was thinking.... and theres a 100% chance of mold if you take fresh cut buds and seal them in a plastic bag for 2 months.... your lucky you didnt get extremly sick ffrom smoking a blunt full of mold.... coulda killed ya

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