2 to 5 superpowers that you would want and why?

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  1. I would want a sword that can become anything and everything and a sword made out of nothing. The rest I could make with my first sword.

  2. mangekyou sharingan
  3. what does that do? Sorry i never really got into naruto.
  4. its pretty sick..it allows the user near clairvoyance, the ability to trap others in illusions, amaterasu (inextinguishable flames), and izanagi (can make any condition affecting the user vanish, i.e. can reverse death, but at the cost of losing an eye).
    nerd mode over.
  5. The ability to make my penis grow with a single thought and the power to consume sustenance and then rid my body of the useless part i.e. taking a dump. Two powers that are currently in my repetoire in case someone gets lippy.

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  6. i want flight and the eye candy trait from sims 3 o and pro slacker
  7. how fast do you want to fly, and how big would the range be?
  8. figured i would fly at what ever speed i like probably would top at like 80 i dunno and range like 100 miles before i need a break
    i just thought of another super power i would like i want to be able to touch a cannabis plant and have it be fully grown instantly now thats what i call a green thumb
  9. dude that would suck if someone ate some seeds earlier and you touched them and they explode. im just saying.
  10. Power to destroy all evil and bad in the world permanantly. That is all.
  11. Invincibility and Flight
  12. evil and bad wouldn't exist any way. 
    Like can you still feel pain, heat, anything. Can you bleed?
  13. 5 powers I wish I had:
    1. The ability to shapeshift into any person or object (This would be far better than a secret identity as no one would truly know what I looked like.)
    2. The ability to teleport instantaneously to any place on the planet (Speed sometimes is more important than raw power, so if I could get to any point I wanted quickly I might be able to prevent as many or more problems than I solve.)
    3. The ability to know good intentions every time and to assist them however I am needed (The implications of having super powers are too profound to discuss at any depth here, but needless to say not everyone that came into my life would be there for all the right reasons.  If I could sense their true intent I could quickly surround myself with a loyal team to help support my efforts.)
    4. The ability to heal or even resurrect people who will be of use to society (Unlike other superheroes I wouldn't want my powers to work on everyone because not everyone should be saved.  A hero shouldn't have blind allegiance to ideals, indeed, I would prefer that they be pragmatic about the use of their abilities.  Some that have died have died too soon, while others who take away from the lives of all of us continue to flourish unabated.)
    5. The wisdom to know when to use my abilities (Having super powers would transform our society even if my intentions were Christlike, I would need to know how and when to use them.  And I'd have to fight really hard to assure people I wasn't a god or something religious.)
  14. lol i was thinking it would be direct contact
    but it would be cool to make your enemies explode and leave a fully grown plant in it's i think that would be my favorite way to take over the world
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    k so, shapeshifting, and teleporting....3 and 4 have two powers combined. 5 wisdom is generally only granted through time, and experience....how about forsight to see what your abilities would do, how it would impact things.
    ^transforms people into weed trees, in the future.

  16. The force. Included with a lightsaber with the color of your choice.
    Damn, I would love that.
  17. WTF?
    I haven't even smoked and I don't have a F'kn clue what this thread is about..
    And, so I seven powers instead of 5, what's the diff? Wisdom, hopefully is granted with time but that isn't always the case.  That's why I have it as a power because I would be forgoing old age in order to attain it.
  19. Too much power, too much to do. Its just weird to me how wisdom would as a power.
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    Ability to control matter, read mindsamd rejuvenation. World domination shit. Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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