2 Tents 2 Lights 2 Cool Tubes And 2 Ballasts

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  1. First if this is in the wrong place please move, and if not allowed please delete.
    for everyone else pm if youd like more details.
    i am selling the following used, i can ship no problem.
    600w HPS Digital ballast, can also use 600W MH bulb. $85
    600W HPS Ballast, old school ballast just for hps $60
    2 6in cool tubes $175
    i also have 2 bulbs, 600W MH and HPS 60$
    i have a 4x4x8 grow tent for $220
    and i have a 6x6x8 grow tent for $350
    These tents were used and i had no problems with plants at all. i have pictures also.
    Total package is $950 but if you want it all ill give it to you for $850 i paid almost 2000 for everything new.

  2. cant advertise on here bro..try craigs list or ebay

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