2 tents / 2 fans / 2 cool tubes exhaust advice

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    Hello everyone I currently have:
    (2) 4x4 tents with one 440cfm fan. One tent for flower, other for veg
    600w air cooled tube in one tent with a 6" carbon filter
    400w open bulb in the other tent with 6" carbon filter

    Currently, the one fan is pulling both tents with a t-adapter and keeping it around 82F (too hot).

    I have another 440cfm fan and cool tube for the other tent coming in the mail, which leads me to this question:

    Now that I have 2 cool tubes, do i dedicate one fan to just pulling fresh air from outside the tent over the two bulbs and out. Or do i connect each fan to the filter and cool tube?

    I would assume one fan pulling air over both the lights would be the coolest, since it's not using the warm air from the tent to "cool" the tube, but I may be overestimating it
  2. I'm a new grower so take this with a pinch of salt as I may be wrong but assuming your tent is 4x4x6 1 tent would be 96 cubic ft so 1x 440cfm fan per tent would get you air turn over of 4.5x per min if you run 1 fan per 2 tent then you would only be getting air turn over of 2.3x per minute. So I am only assuming that the better flow of 1x fan per tent would still give you the same tent temp as running the 1x fan just for the cool tubes and 1x fan for the tents. Also by running 1 fan per tent you get more flexibility that you don't always have to run 2 fans even though you might be only using the 1 tent for a period of time. Just my 2c
  3. Thank you for the input. A lot of people say you aren't using the cool tube correctly if you have it hooked up to the filter as well (one fan per tent)...but then again that's how I see 90% of the setups in pictures.

    I'm thinking about mounting both fans in the attic and one pulls cool air over the tubes and the other extracts the smelly air. If that doesn't make a big impact on temps I will probably go back to the filter, fan and cool tube connected in a line.
  4. Sounds good. Give it a go and if it doesn't work as you hope then change it up and see what will work better for you.
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  5. I was running a 5x5 with a 550 cfm fan hooked to a big ass phresh filter,
    I was worried when I first set it up, as a lot of folks said I would need 2 separate setups, one for light on for filter,
    I didn't do that, I just run the 1 for both light and filter, vented out a window, even in the heat of summer it has been ok,
    Currently switched to leds
    What was the question again?

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  6. This is what comes to mind. Dedicated fan for both lights and dedicated fan for both filters. One of the tents for veg, the other for flower.

    Does this seem more efficient than filter/light/fan combination?

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  7. Personally i would put fan in middle of the tee or else (in theory) the twnt on the right would be getting most intake/outtake as gas always takes the path of least resistance. Jist my 2 cents :)

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  8. I don't think 82 is too bad as long as you have good air circulation.
  9. theoretically it will not matter what configuration the fans are in once the grow room reaches its equilibreum state. that being. the amt of lights and ambient heat will reach a point where no amount if fans moving the air can cool the tents any better. are you pulling fresh air from outside somewhere and ducting your tent exhaust to any particular area? i have my tent exhausting back into the same room and with ac, the temp is pretty stable around 78F.

    imo i would run each fan independantly with its own tent/filter. you can join the two exhaust outlets if you would like, but different configurations with the fans wont necessarily perform much differently

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