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2 tenths of molly anybody?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Dan Gleesac, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. howdy gc.....

    im going to see umphrey's mcgee and matisyahu tonight at the electric factory in philly......

    i have an 8th of shrooms but im not sure if i wanna eat it tonight so i got myself 2 tenths of some really heady molly......my friend brought it back from rothbury so im pretty sure its gonna be some hippy shit:hello: i might also get some doses tonight too i just cant decide...

  2. Sounds like a good time man, can't go wrong with Molly ;) I'd prolly go with that over the mushies and L anyways, but that's just me.

    Enjoy the Umphrey's show, I'll be seeing them this weekend!
  3. Not just you, I would too:D

    Why dont you just hippyflip that shit? Ive never done it personally, but I plan to at least once.
  4. hippyflipping is the shit. done it. i prefer candyflipping wich is lsd or 2cx"s with mdma, but either way its a full on orgasmic night
  5. your going to have one bangin night! wish i could get my hands on some molly. or even boomers or cid. alot of my connects fell through:(
  6. ill trade you some g lady's ;)
  7. wow looks beautiful quick question could u plug molly? how intense would it be

  8. Na, I'd parachute it, I don't like the burn (lol, i know what you meant)

    Looks like nice crystals, what color are they? it's hard to tell in the picture
  9. bumping it is good and all, but the whole basis of bumping anything is to increase the effect over a shorter period of time, and even as little as one tenth when swallowed will precede a fanfuckintastic night and will last much much longer than if blown. Molly is also the single best thing to do before drinking i've ever found. One hit and you will rage all god damn night long. Enjoy!

  10. they were a nice tan color....i gave them to my friend kate for a show we were going to...i ate an 8th of shrooms....she was rolling so hard im kinda pissed i didnt eat t hem but shes never rolled before so it needed to be done
  11. I saw that show on tuesday night in Boston. It was off the chain, Umphrey's put on such a good show.
  12. good choice dan. everyone needs to roll atleast once so if it was her first time your a saint

  13. I've seen a couple of my friends roll for the first time, always an amazing time. I have a couple grams of molly in a secret place right now. Can't wait til I can go pick it up and use it for something.

  14. Good man. I love to be the first person to introduce people to such positive drug experiences, like Timothy Leary acting as a trip guide.
  15. That show last night was amazing

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