2 Tent Perpetual Dr120S

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  1. Was thinking 1 for flower with the iPower GLSETX600DHMAC6 600-Watt Light Digital Dimmable System for Plants - Air Cooled Hood Set off amazon all the reviews are awesome except for on the bulb but those get replaced eventually anyways. And the same thing in the veg but a 400 and with an MH of course instead of hps like flower. Then for clones seedlings I have a the closet in the 14x14 room or just leave em in the corner. Going to seal off the room entirely and put an ac unit in the window to help contro tent temps. That ac will run only that room doors will be closed all the time. I was going to get Hydrofarm FLT24 2-Feet/4-Tube T5 Commercial System with Bulbs off amazon for the little ones. For fans and filtering I figured 2 fans each. One 4 inch vortex with phresh filter. Ging filter---fan---out and to cool the ac vented hoods I thought a 6 inch vortex for each to pull from --outside duct through tent---light---fan--out. I need a good fan controller though cant seem to find one c.a.p maybe?. Plan on leaving the 4 inch on always for stink(pulling through carbon scrubber). I will get vent dampened if I need I was thinking insulated ducting first though.

    I was going to do up to 4 plants in each tent and scrog. Veg prob 2 months from clones Ill take right before I move them to flower. Is this a reasonable stealth setup? You think I can fly under the radar like this not running main ac in 2 bed house and just cooling the bedroom with window unit and the grow with a unit? Planning on exhausting into the same room and use ac to keep it cool or cut a hole next to the tents through a door for the exhaust and put it in the attic but we are renting. However I'm buying 2 doors soon so I can cut the ones I buy and she can't say shit. The ducting would be in the center of my house noone would be able to see it unless they come in we will have shades on everything and the window with the ac unit in the grow blacked out. So what would you do blow it In the same room it's a second bedroom we don't use and just keep the ac at like 74 or so or out and up? Recommendations on fan controllers or maybe a different setup to link the tents vents together that'll still keep a 400 and a 600 cool in a 4x4x6,8 and not smelly also can't sound out of the norm.
    Open to suggestions I planned on doing soil the first couple runs then going hydro. Would it help my soil grow to have a bluelab ph pen and the truncheon ppm reader. That's everything I can think of as far as details go i haven't sent my order yet waiting for the ac guy to come do a service on the outside unit before I go crazy. S any input would be greatly valued. Once it's all set up and temps are under control ill be sure to start a grow journal. Was maybe thinking doing 4 soil 2 bubble buckets to get my feet wet with hydro.
  2. To many "was" and "will's" Get the stuff and set it up, take some pics then ask some questions!
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    Just want to make sure the setup seems plausible before I spend 2000 on everything to get going. Any suggestions other then start buying everyone? I was curious to what size pots I should use 5 gallon for soil scrog? Was thinking fox farms all the way. If I'm doing that do I need the ppm/Ec truncheon reader or just the ph and then add the correct nutes starting at a minimum would be okay? I want dank bud going to get good seeds.

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