2 steps forward, 3 steps back

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  1. :wave: Hey blades, I've been stuck on this hot ass muggy day inside, watching the *groan* history channel. Todays topic seems to be Nostradamus and his "prophecies" or whatever. It's intrigued me how accurate his astrological findings have been proven to be. I don't buy into the whole doomsday scenario, as everything is so vaguely written and drawn that you could make milk out of clay.

    But everything they bring up, it brings me to the idea about our lives currently... as we're sliding our way through time to the end of this cycle that happens every 2000 odd years.

    We love to think of ourselves as the most advanced and educated civilization to ever roam this wonderful planet (most historians would disagree, pointing to ancient civilizations of Rome, Greece, Egypt, and the like). The common man thinking this is mistaken by far.

    I read this somewhere else, I can't remember where so excuse me if the stats are wrong or I'm manipulating them, because it's an interesting topic nonetheless. We've become masters of ELECTRICITY. We've harnessed this amazing energy and seemingly forgot its significance. If something happened, and BAM no more electricity in homes and businesses... we'd be sent spiraling out of our big headed ego centered notion that we are so superior to anyone in the entire world..

    Rough estimate says over 75% of our day to day lives would vanish. Plants, factories, businesses, means of communication, anything you can think of is impacted by electricity. No internet, no phone, no electronic gas pumps, you can literally sit here and think of a GIANT list that would cease to work.

    We'd be right there next to what we consider "third world countries" RIGHT there.

    But... this wouldn't be such a bad thing in my eyes. There would be reason to ACTUALLY SIT DOWN AND REALIZE WE'RE ALL ONE. We're not all one, as we have our individualities and such, but we're all HUMAN BEINGS.

    I wanted to keep going, but i'll leave it open for input from outside sources. I don't want to get carried away by a crazy idea.
  2. :D
    I just wish every human understood the oneness of our species
  3. I wish all electronics stopped working.

    I'd go to the store and grab as many veggie, herb, and fruit seeds, food, gallons and gallons of water, and some supplies to survive as soon as possible before everything is ransacked. I'd get in my car and drive to Lancaster, PA. I'd find a good farming location and set up camp. I'd live in a tent. I'd eat mostly fruits and veggies that I grow myself. I'd use water from a near by river to wash myself, water food, and drink.

    Then Id sit there and live out my life in peace. No noise, no distractions, no worries.

    The location would be hidden and remote enough so no one would bother me.

    Lancaster is just big, open farm land. Plenty of places to hide out and have good soil as well.

  4. Here in Iowa I wouldn't have to go far for decent farm land :wave:

    Why must electronics stop working for this to become a reality? GO FOR IT BRUH! :p

  5. You'd have it made in the shade over there in iowa lol

    And no electricity would give me an excuse to leave. If I told my parents that now, theyd call 911 lol and I ain't jut gonna get up and leave. I would only do it if my parents and family didn't mind me living out of a tent in the woods and I already know they would mind haha
  6. I'm in Iowa too bud! But I completely agree with what you said. I never thought about how much we rely on electricity until now.. Unfortunately, if we were to "lose" it, we would just reharness I think.. but maybe not. Like you, I agree this would do us a lot of good though. Our fellow companions seem to be too wrapped up in materialism and competition to accept that us humans deserve to be here just as much as ANYTHING in the universe. We all rely on each other equally to "survive". One love friends!
  7. I'm sure we would, but just the event of it happening would be enough to shake the world.
  8. We can always hope my friend. God knows this planet (mankind at least) needs a nudge in the right direction before we self-destruct.
  9. Come to think about it, back in '08 there were floods throughout the midwest and here we had the biggest flood in our history.. I was without electricity, running water, stuck cleaning up nasty flood mud and sewer backup, as well as fixing walls that collapsed. Needless to say, I was NOT for the idea about being without electricity. I remember hooking my xbox and TV up to a gas powered generator just for 20 minutes of fun lol.

    I remember feeling so out of touch with everything outside of the immediate community. Neighbors that hated eachother, helping one another without thinking twice.

    This was before my spiritual evolution... if you want to call it that. I think it would be interesting to go through it again and see the differences in myself.
  10. It would be very different, I am sure. It's amazing how much your enlightenment can allow you to connect with nature, not pull yourself away. I think with enlightenment, the word content can fit in any lifestyle.

    edit: notice I mean content in this definition, not just objective:

    Verb: Satisfy (someone)
    Adjective: In a state of peaceful happiness
  11. I like electronics....it's how I listen to music and talk to people online...:)
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    Me too. I'm not trying to say that I am not content with my current lifestyle. Just that I think enlightenment will allow me to be content no matter what life throws at me. After all, life is just the natural process..

    edit: I guess it all comes down to analog and digital. I'm merely saying I could be content with either or both.
  13. Yes yes, it appears that I can be happy in any situation.

    However, If I have a choice, I choose to use electronics...as do all of you, since you post on here, though you may act like you don't like them..lol

  14. You're missing the point, obviously being without electronics would suck.
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    Would it though? It would be much different. But would it suck?

    edit: the only thing I would truly miss is the easibility to share art, music being my favorite art. But you could still explore your own art, just not others as easily.

  16. lol I didn't realize I was supposed to be getting some point :eek:

    Yes, given my current lifestyle, being without electronics would suck. But I mean...people did it for a really long time lol and they found happiness so I'm sure I could do it. But yea, I would not willingly give them up...that's for sure...
  17. Would just like to add this and then I will let the thread discuss topic. Electronics are simple materialism. We allow them to hold importance over our true selves. Your true power is your soul. Connecting with it, and others, is the most joyous life IMO. ok gtg. see ya everyone. One Love.

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