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    there's two sperm swimming along,

    one says to the other:

    "How far is it to the egg yet? feels like we been swimin for ages."

    The other one replies:

    "Not for miles yet.... we've only just passed the tonsils!"


    sorry if i've already posted this joke.... its my fave joke ever.
    even more sorry if i havnt already posted this joke... i shoulda done so long ago.
  2. I've heard it many times before.. But i still get a kick out of it everytime i read it!!!!!!!!
  3. that is funny as hell
  4. niceee, good stuf f man.

  5. hehe tonsils hahahahhahahahahaha

  6. hehe
  7. hahahaha...and how!!!
  8. they are gonna be real confused when they start being digested in stomach acid :)

    wonder what sperm heaven is like ???

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