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  1. hey i started 4 the first time growing.
    i wanted 2 do it without any ads
    so just water and light.
    1 week 2 go and i can normally harvest.
    they r 2 small.
    the biggest must be about 60cm
    a couple around 45 2 50
    the smallest around 30cm.
    the butts r 2 small.

    so do u really have 2 throw all that shit in there 2 have something thats bigger then that.
    i did something wrong 2. allways cut the biggest leaves off.
    i thaught more light. the best.
    but i think i injured them 2 much. and that they put 2 much energy in healing. is that possibe

    thx guyz..........and girlz

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  2. Common mistakes for a first time grow. Next time don't mess with them as much...if growing in soil.
  3. thx wont do it again.
  4. woooooooooooooooooops didnt know the pic was so big
    sorry sorry sory.

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