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2 Small J's vs 1 Big Fat J

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. My friend is an idiot and thinks smaller multiple jays are better than one big one. Is he right or wrong? Personally I think 1 fat joint is better
  2. Im using an analogy ive heard before.
    would you rather drink one huge beer? or two smaller beers? you might look like a boss drinking that big ass beer but by the end its warm and flat. now excuse me while i crack my second ice cold beverage.
  3. It probably won't make you higher if you smoke 1 big one instead if 2 small ones but it will be a lot more awesome to smoke one fatass one.
  4. haha i wouldent call someone an idiot for having a different oppinion than me
    right wrong better worse
    all one persons perspective

    i think normal sized js burn better than fatties though
  5. I don't think there is a difference other than having extra paper in your lungs. I'd rather smoke one fat ass doobie than 2 little sticks.
  6. All about personal preference my friend. I know some people that enjoy rolling 5 gram blunts every time they smoke in order to have in terms "The biggest dick in the room", and others roll 2, 2 gram blunts and just do so because they enjoy it.

    Either way, you get the same amount of sweet leaf. If you do it for yourself and not attention then cheers, but don't let your ego spoil your high.

    Happy Toking :smoke:
  7. why not a medium sized joint, then pack a bowl with what you would have rolled? that's what i do
  8. Smaller joints are cool, cause you can space out however much weed you plan on smoking at the time. Bigger joints are cool if you wanna get conked quick. But the whole point is moot cause the best joint is a tulip.
  9. I'd go with the two smaller joints, it doesnt really make a difference but I feel like I'm smoking more. Depending how on small the joints you can most likely get high twice
  10. I prefer multiple small j's at concerts or parties so i can blaze throughout the night with different people, songs, etc..
  11. If it;s you and a friend, then 2 small ones... one for each of you to cheif on.
  12. I'd go for the fattie. If it's too much to handle at once, just put 'er out.

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