2 sigs i made

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  1. forgot to ask, tell me which one is better
  2. i like the first
  3. the 2nd is cleaner but a little to clean not enough going on, the first is better but i think you should find a better text or shorter phrase

  4. thanks for the criticism.
    here's another one i just whipped up.
  5. Theyre really really plain and simple. Its pretty much just a render and text smacked on a white background. Use different effects to make a background...i like using the smudge tool
  6. thanks, i'm really just a simple person tho llol, i like my things simple and easy to look at, but i'll give the smudge tool a try.
    i'm working with GIMP
  7. I like this and the one above
    id say they are better than the orginal 2
  8. nice sigs man...

    i like the first and the third cause of the effects....

    they all are really nice but im no expert...
  9. thanks dude
  10. u taking request?
  11. yeah sure just post a picture and i'll try my best
  12. I never used Gimp, but that smudged one would be decent if you popped the render layer in front of the smudge layer
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  14. The white backing from the 'Taylor Gang' logo is whiter than the background of the sig, you can see the border of it.

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