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2 quick questions...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by warefly, May 7, 2011.

  1. I'm moving to Japan this fall, got accepted in to Waseda University this month, and I need some quick advice.

    Is there any good Japanese strands people have heard about? Sadly I hate leaving when I finally have the good connects here, but I have to.

    I'm used to smoking at my apartment, but the walls and rooms over there are more closely together, so would having different air filters along with air fresheners be enough?
    I have two scholarships, so I'm trying not to get caught with illegal substances.

    any advice?
  2. the first rule of thumb when traveling abroad is do what the local do.. the counter culture over there is present dont get me wrong, but remember you're going to an extremely conservative country.
  3. Yea, that's what most worries me... Who to talk to over there! I'm thinking my best choice will be to get to know some of the other foreign students over there.
  4. you'll meet new people, make new friends, and find bud... just be careful who you deal with, the yakuza are no joke.
  5. having lived in tokyo for a half a year i can tell you that the weed from the yakuza or any other crime family in japan is not good.

    the reason for this is that they take more care in the quality of their 'harder' drugs. weed isnt really good from them.

    I used to pick up of this guy who used to get it from a grower up in sendai, the stuff was about the same as the stuff you find in London.

    Once in a while you get amazing bud. You know this because the dealer charges a considerable amount more, and you its the shit coz they give it to you in a little wooden box with if i remember right the elements in kanji on the top cover.
  6. what about the radiation?
  7. this was 3 years ago
  8. what do you mean ???
  9. I would advise you to just forget about weed in Japan unless you find a REALLY trustworthy and quality hookup. Just for possession (any amount) you can get 5 years in prison. Not sure if that is the max sentence or not but god damn, doesn't seem worth it. The weed over there is typically shit anyways. Your going to be risking your education and future for some weed that is going to most likely be lower quality than you are used to and more expensive. I know it sucks to not be able to smoke, but you have to get your priorities straight. But I haven't tried to get weed in Japan so I can't really say, that's just what I hear and read. I can tell just from my Japanese friends' reactions when I talk about weed that Japan is not the country for stoners. They get super uncomfortable and try to change the subject and shit, weak. Japanese public, for the most part, has been brainwashed by their government into being completely biased against drugs. They group weed together with meth and other hard shit so its near impossible for them to accept it. However, on the bright side, it seems that the youth in Japan (mostly urban areas, ex tokyo) have been making greater efforts to dissolve these myths that have been established. Lets hope they make some headway in the near future! And good luck in Japan! 日本語はなせますか?
  10. u sir r a retard
  11. all i was doing was sharing an experience from a while back.

    he did ask for advice?
  12. No u r retad
  13. Do you have any idea how expensive weed is in Japan?
    I'll show it to you:


    quit expensive... So if I were you, I wouldn't smoke in Japan. Just wait till you come back.

    But have fun over there ;)
  14. here i come south africa
  15. switch your weed "addiction" to a video game addiction, it'll be much easier to support over there. plus if you do have an interest in video games it should be easier to meet people
  16. South Africa is the place to be!

    But yes, the weed in japan was expensive. i remember having to pay around 6000 yen for what was pretty much a gram.
  17. Hell no... I'm a college student and that is simply too much money. Forget the habit :wave:.
    I may just quit for a while, or grow my own, but sure as hell ain't buying it.
  18. lol just take like 20 seeds with you... some bag seeds... Seeds will be easy to hide even on a plane... and if the opportunity presents itself, grow some bud.

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