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  1. I recently started my winter grow and it consists of an auto and a fem photoperiod. Was thinking of staying through veg till the auto is done,does that make sense?I believe the auto is 70 days and done...
    The second question is I used cfl all the way through last year changing the time and spectrum of the bulb (6500 down to 2700) 81-6 changed to 12-12... it worked fine, but was considering an HPS this year for flower,heat is the factor,and my pockets arnt lined with gold. Does it produce a better light with little or no heat difference? How much additional light??? TIA
  2. Hi mildman and others! First of all, this is my first post on GC (long-time lurker), so I just wanted to say "hello," generally.

    I'm a bit unsure about what you mean when you say "heat is the factor." HID (MH and HPS) lighting will provide you with substantially more heat than CFL's, so if you decide to go with HPS, then you'll need to be able to vent the excess. HPS lights emit a greater spectrum of light (I think, though I don't have a technical article off-hand to cite); in any case, any HID lights will increase your yield and perhaps even speed up the grow a little bit. Also, the amount of light the HPS produces will depend on the wattage (obviously, a 400w will produce more light than a 250w, and 600w will produce more than both, etc.) Here is a link to charts relating HPS and MH light intensity to distance from the plants (two factors you will need to take into consideration if you're adding HPS lighting). As far as vegging your photoperiod plant for the duration of your auto grow, I would say that height limitations in your grow room would be the main factor to take into consideration. Depending on the photoperiod strain you intend to grow, its height may double or even triple throughout the flowering period--so if you have a short grow space, you'll want to take that into consideration. Rarely have I encountered other growers who veg indoors for longer than 8 weeks (which is already an uncommonly long period, from what I understand), so I can't say anything about potential effects it could have on flowering growth, yield, etc. Furthermore, if you end up using the HPS for flowering, then presumably you would start using it once the auto showed preflowers (which would almost certainly occur before your non-auto). Not a huge issue, but you would be depriving your non-auto of some tasty high-kelvin lighting during veg. Just my .02...
  3. lots more lumens per$ for metal bulbs but lots more heat
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    It produces alot more light/ lumens but does produce more heat as well, just work on grow room conditions, you'll have to do that for cfl's as well.

  5. Also I wouldn't suggest vegging a plant for 10 weeks, unless you want a huge ass tree, I vegged for 6-7 weeks once and they grew over 6ft
  6. Heat is the problem-not only in trying to control it if I used a HPS,but the grow area ,my biggest fear is a fire and then the fire marshal saying something like "LOOK Jim the accelerant" while pointing to my burned up grow.Sounds funny,but no matter how careful you are there are chances,and I feel more comfortable sleeping at night knowing the bulbs can be touched by hand or accedently anything and not being hot enough to set a fire.
    I bought 2 additional lights last night-mogul base 2700 125 watters to add to the 2700 crew.The others have been used one winter season,think they have plenty of life left.
    As far as the auto-photoperiod goes, guess Ill leave the lights on 6500 for a while.They sprung up out of the soil 4 weeks ago..lucky for me the varieties all are to the short to medium. (Blue Berry auto-bubblelicious fem)
  7. While CFL's are fine for some, you'll just never really get anywhere as far as producing any real quantity or quality using them. They take forever to do the same thing an HPS can do in less time and the HPS will give you big fat tight buds (if grown correctly, of course.)

    I've been using HID lighting for 25 +/- years and never had a fear of fire unless its set up totally improperly so don't let that stop you.

    I guess it all comes down to what you want out of your garden. CFL's are, (to me) ok for starting a seed, and maybe for some a teeny tiny hobby garden but if you want to grow real good pot get a real good light.

    You get out of your garden what you put into your garden - and no offense intended. CFL's are little tiny lights for little tiny plants.

  8. How many ACTUAL watts of cfl do you use? And how big is your space?

    I was running a little over 150 watts of cfl a while ago and recently upgraded to a 150 watt hps in my closet. I swear i had more heat problems with the cfl than i do with my hps. But then again, my box is pretty small.

    Place a fan to blow above the plant's canopy and you should be golden.

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