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2 questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by letstoke7, May 20, 2010.

  1. 1. If I'm sitting on my patio that's facing my back yard and it's invisible from the street etc. only person who can see me is the neighbor to the right of me. If I'm sitting out there at like 9 or 10 at night just smoking a joint can they call the cops on me? Couldn't I just calmly walk inside if I heard a car rolling up my driveway (I live on a hill). Obviously the cop wouldn't have a warrent or couldn't get a warrent just to bust 1 guy who's using personally at his own house. So I could just not answer the door and he'd leave correct?

    Plus there is always the fact that I could say it was a hand rolled cig etc.

    2. If I have a smoke detector directly outside my room in the hallway and I close the door and just light a joint and take a couple hits it shouldn't go off right? I'm thinking it needs a lot of smoke or smoke + high temperature and smoke stray smoke that comes from under the door shouldn't set it off..

    also if a smoke alarm in a house goes off, is the fire department called automatically or depends on your set up or it just turns off once the smokes gone? Hoping this doesn't happen lol.

  2. Man you sound like a fuckin paranoid 15 year old. Just chill the fuck out and let the herb do the thinkin for ya.
  3. 1. Highly unlikely they would but they're your neighbors so you know them better than us.
    2. No, just open a window or put a towel under the door to prevent smoke from leaving the room.
  4. A.1
    I wouldn't think there'd be a problem with it. I mean.. I'm assuming you'd be close to done with the J by the time the neighbor actually notices it, identifies it, makes the phone call, and by the time the cop gets there.

    Shit bro.. I've roasted close to hundreds of bong bowls in my room that has a smoke detector in it. I think you'll be okay if you're careful.
    And I guess it depends on where you are from, but I've had smoke detectors go off on me before countless of times in MN, and not once has anybody come knocking on my door. I'm pretty sure (at least mine) are intended to alert you and not the rescue dpt.
  5. im from MN hahaha and no they cant come in and most people wont care for the second just turn it off?
  6. I find putting the towel above the door works better, because smoke rises. But I also have carpet so there is no crack under my door, the carpet is fluffy enough to seal it.
  7. 1. They probably wouldn't even notice at 9 or 10 at night, just don't turn any lights on outside.

    2. Just open a window and maybe a towel under the door.

  8. I use my levitation jedi powers to put a towel above the door too:smoking:
  9. If your neighbors noticed they're probably think it was a cig or just not give a shit. and you'll be fine for the smoke detector, and no if it went off all it would do is beep, sometimes when i cook mine goes off (rarely) and there's a reset button on it I push with a hockey stick or something and the noise stops.
  10. Likelihhod is they'll just think you're smoking, will not give a flying fuck and will just get on with their life. I really don't foresee someone callin the cops on you man, like i just dont, people dont do that unless you go outta your way to be a dumbass or do illegal shit in their face. i guess i might be wrong, but just chill like, you should be fine
  11. LMAO well I just open the door, put the towel over it, and shut it. You must have a super tall door lol I recommend a ladder.
  12. 2 more questions.

    How old are you?

    Do you have the balls?
  13. Your safe smoking in your backyard. Even if your neighbor smells it, which I doubt he will, I highly doubt he is going to call the cops. Just dont let anyone know your there.

    If you have a home security system and the fire alarms are wired a witht he house alarms and shit then yeaht the cops will come. But If its just a small round white smoke alarm like most people have, itll Just beep until you reset that bitch.

    If your that worried, just take the battery out of the smoke alarm.

  14. Now that's funny lol

    To the op: just do it! That's what Nike said lol
  15. Are you 10?

    Man the fuck up.
  16. Im trying really hard not to insult OP right now...Take the battery out of the damn smoke detector..And none of your neighbors will be aware unless you act like a jackass

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