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2 questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Slayer2345, May 6, 2016.

  1. So my mom intends to pick me up from Washington in 8 weeks seeing as I don't have my license and she drives a Kia Soul for those of you who don't know the trunk is just over the back seat jump that your in the trunk area so
    1.) can a cop search that area of the car?
    And I also intend to take some bud with me so
    2.) what can I use to get rid of the smell I use coffee in my bong so I'm wondering if I drop a bag of bud in a big bag of cofee does that help?

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  2. How old are you?
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  3. Turned 18 this year

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  4. 2 questions:

    1. Where are you going from WA? What states will you be traveling through?
    2. Are you okay with your mom going to federal prison on an interstate trafficking charge? Because if you get caught, that's what's going to happen.
  5. Coffee in your smokes and gear huh? Cops have NEVER seen that one. Dogs will smell right through that. That's a guaranteed trip to prison for your mom it's called trafficking. Smart move champ. To make it clear if they open the back and smell a hint of coffee it's a sure thing they will call drug sniffing dogs.

    Grow up and get your license so you stop putting your mother in harms way.

    Are all kids this selfish today? I get it you are asking and haven't done anything but for god's sake even thinking of doing this shows major immaturity and lack of concern for your mother.

    Even if it's in your obvious shit looking duffle bag they will pin it on her to prove a point. This way they can confiscate her car since it's being used for trafficking.
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  6. If its like half a zip or under just seal it in a food saver a couple times. If you dont have one a friend might. And just crouch it or tape it to the inside of your thigh.

    I doubt its trafficking if its a small amount. Plus you'll be fine anyways.
  7. And you would be wrong. Interstate drug trafficking is a no tolerance federal drug crime. People get busted for small amounts all the time. Being a federal crime it has mandatory fines and minimums, which included federal jail time.
  8. As soon as the bag of pot is discovered in coffee it's trafficking because that's an old trafficker's trick. No matter what as soon as you cross the state line it's interstate drug trafficking.
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  9. The more worried you are, the more likely you will be stopped and questioned.
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  10. Ok what about if I just take a clean bong?

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  11. For a small amount, you will not get a interstate drug trafficking charge... Jesus Christ, y'all are trippin. And you won't get one just because you hid it in coffee and that's "an old trafficker's trick"... That's the goofiest shit I've ever heard lol. However, I do not condone you bringing that weed in the car without your moms permission or at least her knowing its there. That's not fair.

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  12. Even if its stored on your person??

    So what makes it trafficking and not possession?? I said he should keep it on him.
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  13. While you and I can agree that a small amount is not trafficking I've seen someone attempt to hide pot in this exact way and they went for a trafficking conviction not simple possession. The fact the OP is attempting to use his own mother as a mule is shocking.

    Many cops are A-holes and will charge whatever they wish even if it's frivolous. Why? Because it costs them nothing to do so and you it will cost everything. If this guys mother's car is confiscated on trumped up charges it could be months before she sees it again. This kind of thing can ruin people's lives more than you could imagine. Many people can't afford losing their car let alone the tens of thousands a good lawyer will cost defending a felony.
  14. All true.. And I concur... I see what your getting at ... My bad

    My attempt at green crack ( I hope)
    Documenting noobs first grow
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  15. I saw something on TV, cops no less rofl. No way could they get a trafficking charge to stick on the poor kid they screwed. But I thought about it and man they really railroaded this poor kid. He lost his car and went to jail for a felony. That's about as bad enough to get my attention. Decent amount of pot was found but something I have around several times over in my house all the time ROFL so something I saw and thought (personal use). When the cop explained why he was charging him with feeling trafficking his exact words was "this is how the big time traffickers move dope". Not good.

    I don't hate cops but we all have encountered the short penis of the week award winner cops that all they want to do is hassle you.

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