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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SAMacK329, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. Ok, one, is it too late to start an outdoor grow, if it is, i'll wiat till afta summah and grow in...and two, when i dry 'em, how long they gotta dry first? Thanx -Spudz ::smoking::
  2. nope its not too late, about a week of drying if you want a decent smoke, look up curing in overgrow.com to learn more.
  3. Thanx man, ill be sure to thank you again once i get them done :smoking: w00t
  4. ok i dont even know u but what with the woot and i was reading a grow guide and it said 2 weeks wuld be even better but if your in a rush 1 week will do
  5. if you rin a ruch you can pop it in the microwave but it would be harsh and not equaly dried.
  6. Don't nuke it, heat destroys THC, I have found that most buds are better if dried for 2 weeks. The drier it is the more THC burns, rather than melting into resin and coating the inside of your pipe/paper etc.................
  7. s0o0o the whole thing with mkicrowaving the weed into butter and eating it dosent work because the thc is bruned out
  8. well teh heat will activate the thc but a lot will get vaped in the nuke.
  9. Well, i heard from froggee...that he has a friend that did it with the butter, and that he got so stoned that he couldnt get up
  10. I've never heard of using a microwave to make clarified bud-butter, so you may be right, but , if you nuke your weed to dry it for smoking purposes your going to ruin the flavor and quality of your bud. Slow drying them in a cool, dark, ventilated place is the most widely used technique.
  11. Oh...ok then, ill remember that...so bud butter is ok and dont dry them in the nuke...got it...but that wasint even the original post...hahahahahahahah

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