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    whats up.. first i have one clone thats already in the ground. bout a foot tall. the leaves are a pale green and they have little yellow spots on them. im thinking it needs nitrogen. im not sure if the guy i got it from had used any nutriants on it yet.. 2, i have 8 babies growing indoor to start them for outdoor. there getting bigger every day. some of them the tips of some leaves are starting to die or curl over. while some of them are whilting or almost turning inside out. i have 4 bulbs on them. could it be that i hvae the lights to close and it is burning them or something else. ive never grown indoor so any help would be much appriciated. thanks
  2. Hi there! It's really hard to diagnose properly without some pics, especially when dealing with problems. This may be why responses are kinda low. Get some up and I'm sure you'll get lots of help :D

    As for growing advice & bulbs, best thing to do is start by reading all the stickies you can, whatever answers you don't find there then feel free to ask around & look in the indoor grow journals for tons of useful info and ideas. Most growers are happy to answer questions about their grows and give some advice, just make sure their grows look good LOL

    Good luck to you! Here's some handy links to get going with:

    Grow Guide

    CFL Guide

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