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  1. I was reading an article on christania...for those of u that dont know, its a place in cophenhagen, which is still back in the 70's. it is a social experiment by the danish government to see what happens when people live in anarch (have no rules at all) no one pays taxes, or concil taxes, it is almost 100% self sufficent, and no vehicls are allowed...weed is legal...but there is a self imposed, and very sticktly abided by rule saying no hard drugs, if u r found with hard drugs, the loclas of that place will kick u out them selves...it is beyond doubt the perfect getaway from the comerical world that we live in

    anyway, i came across this line

    "when u start making rules, where do you stop"

    and then i though

    "when u start breaking rules, where do you stop"

    is there a boundry at all?
    or is it what you want it to be?
    where is too much....

    easy ya'll
  2. Though these concepts are very basic and simplified not many can truly appreciate them. Not many would care. And even though that Copenhagan experiment thing sounds like some kind of urban legend or at least some sort of fanciful fiction to me I like these questions you're asking. We are human, and whether or not it's because some omnipotent being told us we could be this way we have free will, which means the only way to control anything is for the majority to impose rules on itself. Of course there will always be those that don't listen, no matter what the terms are. Ipso facto; the rules aren't the problem, people are. There will always be those that will go out of their way to break the rules, and there will always be a way for the ignorant and/or corrupt to achieve power. Though I'm not quite sure what your question is, my answer is that people need to always strive to find a balance. You can't and you shouldn't try to control everything, nor should you neglect society. One more thing, if you percieve a rule as being unjust then you shouldn't try to break it exactly, but you should try to change it (excuse me for being a hypocrite, I do smoke marijuana, which is breaking at least one rule). Just don't do anything that will hurt others.

    PS If that copenhagen thing is a true anarchy then they would allow any kind of drug use, as well as murder, rape, and anything else. My point is that it should never be one extreme or another, find a ~*::balance::*~. Not between societies extremes, but between your own.
  3. that christania thing

    belive it or not, it is true...

    check it out for your self...


    i been there, and u CAN do what you want...there are self imposed rules though...so i guess it aint anarchy in that way....but then again it is...as no one puts down those rules...there is no one person who by the power of god has the right to make the rules, and at the same time there is no elected person making rules either... it "just happes"
  4. I'm gonna go there.
  5. Rules are made in different times, different places and in different situations to match the current time, place, situation and they've started from there, nobody bothering to chance them, and we make new rules all the time, it's a non stopping thing, 'cos all the time we come with new ideas and stuff wich causes some people to start making profit out of them, if it's legal business (for example oil) then there's laws made by goverment(s) some of them are made to encourage business's to challenge each other and by this the market areas grow and the price of the thing sold remains in reasonable prices, but when somebody tries to make profit out of the same thing illeagaly (stealing, smugling etc.) there are laws made against it. Braking laws is sometimes the only option there is and then if you got caught you're facing the punishment, laws are supposed to help us to live in peace and to give everyone the same opportunies, but as we all know this isn't how it is, the business laws have caused a gap between the poor majority off people who try to survive with minimum vage etc. then there's the small elit who makes unbelievable amounts of money in a day, this causes hatred in the poor people who live as little as possible, so it comes out as an acts of violence etc. wich is against the law and you face an ounishment. In china they say "the law is for idiots" this meaning that they assume that everyone can act like an decent people and there's no need for laws telling people what to do and what not to do. Laws are made for our protection against ourselves, Law is a wall and the part that is supposed to left out is the animal in us. lost my point sorry
  6. The law of human nature, social morality.
    Where do these come from?
    What does a culture base their idea of
    right and wrong on?

    What does an individual base theirs on?


  7. I don't see that as anarchy, I see it as one of the only direct democracies left in the world. Obviously people are free from police per....err I mean PROsecution, but they aren't free to do what they please. How does the communtiy decide what is acceptable? They come to a mutual agreement about what they will tolerate and what they will do about those who break the rules. That sounds a lot like what America's founders believed in, but could not acheive in practice.

    ...on a less serious note, I think I'll visit there if I ever find myself in the country!
  8. Children are taught the rules of society and acceptable behavior by their parents from the time they are born until they start out on their own as young adults. It is a proven fact that children that grow up without guidance or parenting become a liability to society. That is why they are imprisioned away from society, supposidly for rehabilitation to re-enter society. If you think about it......society is a social structure. If you do bad, then you are bad and not accepted by "society" you become a "outlaw". If you adhere to societies rules, you are good, and they leave you alone to pay your taxes........If you become an oulaw, they put you in jail till you come around for good behavior.
    Anyhow, all rules are taught to youngsters by elders. If we didnt teach our own young laws, there wouldnt be any by the time they inherited a place in society.
    Think about it. Smoking is right to me. It was right to my parents. They didnt hide it, act like it was bad. If they had, I would be waving a gun right now instead of saying....dont hog that! Pass it......pass it......
    All society is the next generation coming up to take anothers place. Ideas, laws, etc.......change or stay the same with them. Depending on parental views given to kids growing up. Society changes itself every 30 years. Ever wonder why?
  9. Society is an society, it's not that bad, as long as the society works for the people, but in many ways people are working for society, I understand that people need to work and keep the money machines rolling, but there's so much useless limitations everywhere, and most of the people "leading the nations" have so many things to decide and to do that the fastest way is to go by the book. no matter if the book is wrong it's faster to do it as it says in the book (now I stared repeating myself)
  10. Laws and society become an issue when they dont work for the citizens that are "policed" by it for goverment control. Honestly, who creates "Outlaws" or "outcasts" in societies eyes? In my opinion its the goverment . If you voice your opinions as a citizen, try to take steps to correct what many feel is unjust or just plain terrany by our "goverment" , you become an "outlaw". To be policed and watched over in case you step out of bounds in society and lead others astray from propoganda.
    The only way to change society , laws and goverment is to replace the old with fresh new visions, views and issues.
    Constantly , goverment is in motion. Making new laws to suit themselves, when they themselves are a small minority. For their own personal gain and kickbacks. No longer do they consult the american people for their opinions. If they did, they would have to give up personal millions.
    Most of American citizens have the idea they cant change anything, that our goverment rules our citizens. That we just live, pay taxes, and die. Our social security numbers have become our identification, we are seen as numbers instead of the backbone of this country. We still do have power and opinions but like most, we dont exercize them. Who gave the American people the idea and "brainwashed " them that this is no longer our country? Our goverment.
    Now, only "outlaws" will voice their opinions. Step forward and say, this is my life, country and I dont agree with your tyranny. There are many secret outlaws. They play the game, pay their taxes, but live secret lives. Normal society is afraid to interact with them, because they are afraid of being branded "outlaws " themselves. These "outlaws" in order to survive learn goverment, politics and social structure. It is the only way to bring about change.
    Here is an example of the goverment at work.
    Someone has a child. Thirteen years old they have raised to be open , have liberal views and the idea they can change the world. Science, philosophy, art, religion, goverment, and mathmatics are a strong base in this childs upbringing. (No, school has taught this child only the basics. ) This is private education. The child wishes to grow up and go into politics, they want to change the world. This child at 13 has a better grasp of politics than most politicians and how society works. The school then knows this child is different, brilliant in fact. They test the child and the goverment steps in and wants to start educating this child. Offers are made thru goverment programs to sponser this child, further educate this child, in fact take over his formal education. The child in question is 13 years old.
    Honestly, what right does the goverment even have to know about this child? How many individual children from good homes with superior educations do they show this much interest in? Do they show interest in children that are not like this? No, they sure do not. The goverment takes steps to stop change in any form they can. To brainwash even our children from a young age into accepting society the way it exists now. To keep things the same because it works.
    Perhaps other methods and laws would work also.
    This child should be a number like all the other children he goes to public school with. Already they have singled him out, thru the school system. He has no behavior problems. They did it thru testing without parental consent to even single him out. Then they pounced like the nasty big brother they are.
    Makes you wonder how much they do this, huh? How many young americans are "brainwashed" by society and the goverment before they can even be concidered old enough to make decisions in this society and goverment themselves?
    Here is another example.
    This same child was invited to the National Junior Leaders Conference in Washington last year. To publicly speak. He did not go because they told him what he could say and speak about. Its called "conditioning". I call it simple "brainwashing".

    Big Brother exists in so many subtle ways, the American people are made to feel helpless and subdued. This is still our country. This is still our society. If you cant change things in a big way, lots of little changes bring about a big change later. It is called "mass thinking". Imagine what the posibilities could be if "mass thinking" changes. It boggles the mind.

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