2 questions bout my drank

Discussion in 'General' started by ST1LE, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. ok so i got some purple drank(3.5 oz) with 10 mg of hydrocodone powdered & mixed in. jus got a question er 2

    1. will this(1.7 oz each) be enough to get two people(both 120 lb.s, no tolerence period) feelin :p ?
    last time i drank a deuce(2 oz.) i fell asleep:( cause it was like 6 in the mornin after no sleep previous.

    2. will the hydro make a difference? maybe 10 mg more or 20mg more.
    i have it on hand just dont wanna waste it;).
  2. nope, 10 mg of hydrocodone is nothing for even one person. and I think you're supposed to take at least over 2 ounces each to feel good from it, but you should kinda feel it from 1.7. Add 20 more mg of hydrocodone and you will feel great.
  3. just added 15 mg of hydrocodone and 10mg of oxycodone:p
    hopefully i didnt fuck up

    and we intend on drinkin it in halfs(.9oz) in 10 min intervals just in case. wit a blunt before the last half
    will that fuck it up?

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