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2 questions - ash and yellow joint smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Big_Jay, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. hey gc, got two questions as im smashed and my mind wonders lol

    A friend of mine was on about ash color and what it should be. He said blacker the ash, the more dangerous it is =/ i looked and thought what does it matter.....then i began thinking lol

    When i was burning down the last joint, i started to notice the ash colour and it was like a light grey colour and thought doees it matter what colour it is?

    And now my second questions. Blazing the last joint, the smoke had a yellow tint to it? Normal or weird? Cos i read about yellow smoke in a bong and it said it was due to thick smoke but could find joints. Or am i jus seeing things.

    Cheers guys
  2. the yellow might be the resin on the roach of the joint? idk what ur tryna ask
  3. The other day i saw the smoke a bit yellowish aswell in my gravity bong. I smoked hash. Im also interested in the answer.
  4. Yellow smoke is just thick smoke.

    The color of the ash can be black, grey, white, inbetween, don't worry about it.
  5. Although I can't provide and explanation for yellow smoke, I can tell you that it is normal. I smoke a lot of joints and some smoke just has a yellow tint.

    I've never heard of ash coloration meaning anything.
  6. the ash thing got me to cos ithought it was normal whatever colour.

    And good to know about the yellow smoke. I might have to hit the bong to see better lol
  7. About the ash, I presume it just has to do with how dense the ash is and how slowly it burned. The slower/more dense it is, the darker it will be. I don't think I have ever experienced yellowish smoke. I probably have but just played it off as being high lol.
  8. The few times i've noticed yellow smoke its either been

    1, stale smoke
    2, thick rolling papers that are coloured
    3, huge dense rip's

  9. i do toke the joint pretty hard lol maybe jus thick smoke

    You guys rule!
  10. Actually different color ash can show if your bud was properly flushed when it was harvested. If the ash is black that means there are still chemicals from the growing process. If its gray that means the bud was flushed properly.

  11. wel this weed is from a new hookup i got a coucle weeks back. He lives two doors down haha sells some good bud

    Nice clean high, almost euphoric. Blue cheese i think it is.
  12. Blue cheese is by far my favorite strain. The kind i get smells exactly like bleu cheese and is skunky as hell.
  13. The color of the ash is just how well the plant was flushed. Properly flushed weed will have light grey ash.

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