2 questions about pipes

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  1. How do I know when to empty the ashes from my bowl? Or can I just smoke tip it's empty.

    Would loading snappers conserve weed more? And if I was loading snappers would I be able to clear the bowl completely? Or would there still be some ash left over?

    Newbie questions. Thanks

  2. Well usually when im hitting my spoon, i smoke until theres no green left in the bowl, and then when you hit it and barely let out any smoke or it sorta tatses different, then you know its cashed(which means you need to empty it and repack it) and on your other question, idk what the hell a snapper is lmao. happy toking :bongin:
  3. Maybe it's because I have to conserve, but I my bowls aren't cashed until there's nothing but ash in the bowl. Put it this way: if I empty my bowl out onto my hand and there's anything that is mre substantial than soot, I haven't smoked the whole bowl. As to the snappers question... Not real sure what those are.
  4. Snappers are little one hitter bowls. You pack as much as you can rip is the point. If you're worried conserving bud then I guess snappers could help but what I enjoy doing more is packing a bowl hitting it play some games for a little and then hit it again.

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