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  1. hello fellow blades,

    thank you in advance for any advice.

    1st q: bubbles do not need to be hitting the roots, right? the water just needs to be oxygenated? My current setup has the air stones basically on the edges of the resevoir and the bubbles do not travel very far, but the entire water line has a 'ripple' effect at least.

    2nd q: do i need to pour water from my res on the grow medium to flush anything out that the roots could be excreeting into it? i stopped 'watering' them as soon as i dropped the water level and roots grew out into the bottom of the res.
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    your air stones should be at the bottom of the bucket so the oxygen can travel through the water to aerate it, alot of people use a top feed drip system with dwc to feed the medium but some people don't and just flush the top of the medium weekly with 5.5-5.9 ph water when they change the res but it does not really need it because i have tried different setups with dwc and they all yield the same end
  3. thank you. my setup is a micro setup so there is only about an inch of water in the res, not much room for the bubbles to travel up hehe.

    i will dump some water over my medium when i flush my res just to make sure, thank you.
  4. only an inch in your rez? where are the roots gonna go?!
  5. did you register on grass city just to type that? lol. it's not a bucket, but a 6quart tupperware container that is more wide than deep. 1.5 inches of water seems to be working well.
  6. Haha nahhhh regd to start a grow journal. But saw this and it got me tripppin.
  7. Amazing how many think MJ is a balloon.

    You need to have a well oxygenated soup.
  8. Young minds of Mush:eek:..............O.K. listen up DWC means deep water culture!!, that means a five gallon bucket. Kapish!!! no tupper ware crap, do it right and the right will do ya! Don't mean to get knarley:D with anyone but if your going to grow the blessings of natures finest weed, then learn, grasshopper the way to walk the path to bliss.:smoking:

    Rumpleforeskin has a bubblebucket that I have tried and succeded in growing wonderful blessing of bliss. He is a master, search this web for his lessons., and he will entangle you in a web of success. He is a a great grower and his methods are tried and true. I am a follower and believer in his system.

    Do not try and engineer something that will leave you hollow when it blows up in your face, there are a lot of experienced personnel out there that will show you how to do it............with a health dose of patients you will succeed but only if you follow the light.

    sorry for preaching but I BELIEVE !!!!!!! AND a litte tosted!!!!


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