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  1. Hey everybody! Getting ready to start my first grow in a couple days and i needs some opinions. I'm going to be working with a stealth cab that is 40"Hx14"Wx24"L. That leaves me with 8.5 cubic feet and 2 square feet under a HTG Supply 150hps with the remote ballast located outside the box. Ive got my ventilation down maintaining 76 degrees at night and 80 during the day. Therefore, I will be able to keep my hps around 6 inches from the top of the plants. Now for the opinions. I am only working with 2 square feet and i wanted to grow 2 plants and keep them small (veg for no more than 3 weeks). I was wondering if i should use the scrog method with the 2 sq feet or if i should lst both plants. Im not looking to yield alot in general but i would still like to maximize the yeild for the 2 plants that will be growing. anyone with experience in either of those methods have any input for me in order to maximize the yield on 2 plants?
  2. Bump. I know this subject is all over the city but I figured if I added some information about my personal situation I could collect more accurate opinions and suggestions.thanks guys
  3. Both SCROG and LST require more than 3 weeks veg for best results. For a quick grow like that, in such a tight spot, just top once and be done with it.

    If you insist on one of those 2 methods, I'd say a simple 1 or 2 way LST, but
    I don't think 3 weeks will be enough time to take full advantage of either technique.
  4. to get any good use out of the LST you should veg it for aleast a month and then its still pretty small. My purple Erkl is at almost 5 weeks and its still small because of the training

  5. I agree, for something that small you won't be able to get much out of either lst or scrog. Just top it once, maybe twice if its a fast grower.
  6. while I do agree to a certain extent with you guys I also have a little to add. I will say to get the most out of that area It will take more than 3 weeks in veg. it just takes longer but the results are like night and day. In your case i would put both plants on one side of the room. say the left, veg for about two weeks. after two weeks start to either bend or weave to the right. if you do this right you should have a bunch of top colas that will form. and you will get a bunch of really nice buds when it's done. you could also do a bonsai style and get them to grow in an upward spiral this will also give you good results in minimal space.
  7. Lazer has a great idea, but i think for a first grow that would be doing a little too much. Just grow the normal way. You should learn to walk before you run.
  8. I could have written this post myself with the only difference being that I am going LED. I am leaning towards LST AND Scrog so I get more light penetration from the LED. I don't care how long the grow takes and I really don't care much about the yield. It's as much a "project" for me as anything. I'll be curious to see what the OP chooses.
  9. well, i'd say lst is far more beginner-friendly than scrog, and you see the results within an hour to a day tops (they turn back upward)...
    it's amazing what a little light penetration does to the under-growth... i'd definitely recommend it just for the fun of it :D
  10. I am a first time grower and my LST is coming along perfect. Just look at the thread at the top in the "Sticky" about LST and it gives step by step. cant go wrong. you really start to the effects of LST in the 4th and 5th week.
  11. I'm a first timer using CFL and dwc and my plants are coming along with my lst what do you think

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