2 plants in one pot - help!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Baron, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I just got back from a weekend of camping and have discovered one of my plants has ANOTHER plant growing in its same pot.

    I think i know how this happened. I had tried to germ some seeds (unsuccessfully) and popped them into soil even though most didnt work, gave them about a week, and nothing happened. So i thought i had taken the seed out, and planted a properlly germed seed in.

    I am just wondering what i should do with this extra plant? THey both seem to be growing fine however i know the roots are probably fighting each other, and it should be moved or something.

    I was thinking i could either kill the little oney by just snipping him or trying to get out the plant and salvaging it, but i think this may end up damaging BOTH plants...

    please help!
    i want to get this done with
    ill take pics in afew mins

  2. are you serious... why ask the damn question when you already know what to do, thats silly man. Just pull it out, and it wont be growing in the pot anymore... problem solved.
  3. the question was asked because i want to know if removing this plant will damage the roots on the other plant?

    no need to be such a dick about it... ever hear the phrase "the only dumb question is the one you dont ask?" ... get off your high horse man
  4. i ripped out the 2 other little plants and repotted them into different pots... the roots came out pretty easy, so i dont think i disturbed the other roots... but im expecting the other little plants to either die or go into major shock for about a week
  5. probably shock growth for about a wekk. you should see in about 3-5 days if the plants are damaged or not. Just keep a close eye on them.
  6. I haven't got any experience separating multiple MJ but I always start tomato seeds 4-5 in a cup. (of course tomato seed is a lot less expensive)

    After the seedling emerge and set a few leaves, I pop the dirt out of the cup and gently pull the seedlings apart and put them in their own solo cup to grow a little more. MOST of the time all of the seedlings recover and thrive. Just have to be gentle.
  7. thanx guys. I went and checked on them just a minute ago. the two big ones seem to be doing fine (i even noticed new growth, so they arent in shock). The 2 little sprouts i pulled seem to be either dying or dead... i gave them a bit of water cause the soil was dry, and i can only hope they survive... if not, no biggie... i didnt even expect to have these extra 2 plants

    i will keep everyone updated

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