2 plants hydro on a $50 budget?

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  1. I only have 2 very successful indoor SOIL grows on my belt buckle. Never attempted or even seen hydro done in real life. I have the space and lights for 8 mature plants-2 1/2 ft tall at harvest on my next grow. I want to devote a 1x2ft space to hydro under the same conditions of my soil. Basically to compare and figure the ease. One of the issues is, I'll be growing from bag seed. I will not know if my plants will be male or female.

    My questions are...

    Is anybody willing to coach me through this...without pics? Or only with pics?

    I want to do this with a $75 budget. (I am 24 yrs old, going to college 17credits min. a quarter, workinga min. of 20 hours a week, and have 4 kids under 6) I have no money. Is this possible? With nutes and everything? (Remember I'll be growing with seed)
  2. You may be able to rig up like a cheap bubble bucket thing but I'm not really sure on nutes. Remember that you will have to get a lot of ph up and down and a new ph meter so you can test it. I am starting up my first hydro grow at the moment and I picked up 2 bubble bucket set ups with nutes and everything for $80. They weren't homemade buckets though.
  3. Check this out

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-1fodnGLio]YouTube - BUY MY POOR MANS AERO GARDEN HYDROPONIC SYSTEM WORKS GREAT ![/ame]

  4. 2 bubble buckets on a small a single aquarium pump with a Y splitter was my 1st thought... but I'd only be able to fit 2.

    "WHAT IF" they're both male? (its seed) Thats my point... I'd like to start atleast 4... whadda ya think?
  5. i think you could do it using the method above for 50$. All you need is rockwool or hydroton and those baskets. The air pump you could buy at petco for a fish tank, not that much is needed. You can also bypass the airpump and buy a small water pump running the tube upward with a couple misting connectors at the ends that mist the roots. That way there is a layer or misty air between the res. and the roots letting them breathe.
  6. You could just use Hempy Buckets and it would well below 50 dollars. Just get 2 5 gallon buckets and drill one 1/4 inch hole into the side of the buckets about 2 inches from the bottom. Then, you need to create a mix of 25% vermiculite and 75% perlite. You can get both of these at Wally World or Lowe's. Mix them up in the aforementioned proportions, then fill the buckets with this mix. That's it. Buy your kids some ice cream with that saved cash. :hello:

    You should grow your seedlings in cups or rockwool for 2 weeks before you transplant them into the buckets. Transplant them into the buckets, then water them with your nute mix until it drips out the hole that you drilled in the side. You need to do this every day until your plant's roots reach the bottom 2 inches of the bucket. Then, you only need to water them every 3 days.

    It's easiest to start your seedlings in drinking cups with the same mix for your hempy buckets, IMO. Try searching for Hempy Buckets in the growing forums if you need proof that it works very well.

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