2 plants from one seed?

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  1. ok i jus planted one kind bud seed and it germinated one popped up but then the next day another one poped up y is this??? did this seed have like a type of twin gene?
  2. Probably find that one is weed, the other is A weed.
  3. no im growing inside so theres no chance of wild weeds
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    So you DID sterilise the soil first?? Weed seeds can remain in soil for YEARS until the right conditions come along.
  5. lol yes it was a fresh bag of miracle grow 12 month feed

  6. Just because it was a fresh bag does NOT mean it is free of seeds.
    So I take it that you did NOT sterilise it.
    So I still say - weed and A weed.
  7. i've seen a number of occasions where 1 seed sprouted 2 stems, there are at least 2 such cases on GC. you will probably find that 1 stem dies off naturally leaving the strongest one to live on.

    saying that, it is possible for random seeds to find their way into commercial packaged soils. without pics it is impossible to say for sure.

    gl with your grow.
  8. yay twins! :hello:

    This happens once in a while
  9. just noticed you're using MG 12 month feed? is that the one with time release ferts? if so, REPOT YOUR PLANT NOW! time release ferts are too strong for baby MJ plants and will turn 'em crispy in days!

    good luck man
  10. if the sprouts are exsactly the same then you either got twins, or sombody threw a mj seed into the MG mix at the place they make that stuff.
  11. lmao

    The Duck.
  12. Sometimes a root will grow near the surface and a tiny plant will sprout but those don't get much bigger. Or you have the rare occasion of twins!
  13. no im useing the organic miracle grow 12 month feed without time release ferts
  14. Datz vhy day call it "Miracle Grow"
  15. lol it would really be something cause u all know i love my twins expessialy if there female! LMAO but on a more serious note if these 2 r female i will have me a nice set of chronic twins! by the way im growing 3 plants in total! was originaly gonna grow one but i thought hey since this is my first grow maybe i should plant 2 so if i fuck up on one i wont on the other Looks like i have 3 NOW!!

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