2 plants 2 strains 1 doing BAD!

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  1. Here's some pics. My friend who gave me the clones said he had 2 out of 5 of that strains clones die. He said even tho mine have roots it's still feeding off itself instead of roots even after transplant. Can I save her

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  2. Also have them under a t5 4 ft florecrnt he gave me, bio bizz and light warrior soiless mix. 73-78 temp. 30% humid. The black Russian likes this setting but the g13 purple haze does not. Also not first grow but first in about 8 years lol. Any help appreciated. Gonna upgrade to 2 kessil led's once u can afford it.
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  4. Wow, GC must of been dead for this one.. lol -__- But i honestly don't know dude, I'd keep it under 24/7 lighting with water every 3-4 days and hopefully (she'll) be alright. Keep posted bro. Good luck! :)
  5. The plant that looks sick is sitting in a container that has seen far too much water, as evidenced by the change in hue of the perlite pieces that are seen sitting on top. Stop watering it, it needs to dry out and it will take a number of days. These type of plants need to have a very diffinate very wet and then very dry cycle. It has been in the wet cycle for too long now, and it needs a dry cycle to grow. Dry it out, it will allow the ph in the soil to change and it will make the roots grow and search out new moisture and along the way they will encounter some nutrients in that soil they sit in, and your plants will look better. This is hard to do when you want to 'fix' the plant. Those broadleaves will continue to fall, but you will get new growth, and it will pick up in another week and grow all new ones. If you get the urge to feed them, or water them somemore...Sit on your hands.
  6. Thanks for the advise. I already only water every 2-4 days depending on the moisture of the soil. I'll let it dry more and see how she does. The other is fine. Also ph of wTer is around 6.3 and ppm is 0. So I know im fine there. Also haven't started feed cycle yet. Gonna start the B.r. In it's feed, water,water cycle on Thursday. 2weeks after transplant from clone dome to soil. Only uses ZHO for transplant to help roots.
  7. 2-4 days is not long enough to dry out.
    6.5 is better.
    You are already planning on feeding/watering them on Thursday, 4 days from now, it is this thinking that will kill your plants. Don't feed them when you plan on it, feed them when they themselves give you need for it. Don't pick a day of the week to water on your time, check them daily... when the horizonal stem's that hold the broad leaves up are at less than parallel to the soil...drooping... then it's time to water.
  8. My soil gets pretty dry in about 3 days. Also I don't just water on my time. I water when the soil gets too dry like I already said in the post you quoted. Also only the black Russian which is fine is getting it's feed cycle in Thursday. 2 weeks after transplant with only 1/4 off recommended nuts for first 3 cycles and see how that one does. I only need help with the yellow one that's dying
  9. I'm sorry if i offended you. I didn't mean to. I was attempting to explain something that i think missed the point. I only have what you told us, and I can only explain from what I see on the post.

    But with that particular plant that you posted about, it doesn't get dry enough.

    That is what you stated, that you would feed on Thursday, which is 4 days away, and it is on your time. They may need feeding/watering on wednesday or Saturday, but you said that you were going to do it that particular day. That's your time, not there's.

    But you obviously have been watering that particular plant that you posted about prior to allowing it to fully dry out enough. Maybe you just watered them both because the one doing fine was dry, while one with the funny ph didn't need it.
    Again with the cycle, look at the plant, not the calender.
    Get rid of the cycle thing, it really does work better if you tend the plant as it shows need. Really.
    I know that. But if you don't grasp the concept, the really good looking one will not do well for long.
    I was trying to help, you asked for an assist with your plant, and I can see a problem. No biggy.
  10. i know i wasnt really offended just usually you start feeding a healthy clone about two weeks after transplant also im only gonna do about 1/4 to 1/2 the recomended veg nutes to see how it does for the health one only.the br (black russian) also i do water them seperately depending on how dry the soil is. ill try to let the g13's soil dry more inbetween watering and see if that helps. i do appreciate the help.

    my friend from cali who gave me the clones,light,nutrient kit,grow book, doesnt alway answer the phone. and he is a GREAT grower. Very high yeilds with litttle stress and issues but he gots the fuul shebang for growing. mine are in a closet lined with panda liner 3 fans,1 for light,i for blowing air in and 1 for blowing hot air out from above plants. decent setup until i can afford a tent or jjst get off my stoned ass and make one. lol
  11. I've grown some fantastic bud in the set up you just described! You will expand, everyone does, growing is addictive.
  12. ya i stopped back in 02 but now that my friend is having AMAZING results im getting into it again. atleast i can afford it now being an adult. lol

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