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2 plants 1 container - Problems

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Bored2012, Dec 23, 2012.

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    I have 2 plants in one 18 gallon dwc.

    Everything has gone great for my 1st time but the grew out instead of up.

    The roots on both plants have grown together.

    1 plant is prob 10 to 14 days ahead of the other one.

    What do i do in 5 weeks when the are ready to harvest?

    How can i flush and still grow one for a week or two longer or what should i do?

    How do they look to you? This is day 35 of flower

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  2. Oh boy, we got a perfect strangers situation going on here.

    Well this is why people say not to grow multiple plants in one container.
    I assume since they are roughly two weeks apart you are growing two strains?
  3. Let one go an extra week and harvest both at the same time?

  4. The solution is pretty simple. Harvest the more mature plant by cutting off the buds only. Leave enough leaves for it to stay alive because if you kill it the roots will rot and affect the other plant.

  5. dude just harvest them both at the same time!

  6. what?!? :)
  7. yes the strains are red Dragon on the left & Tangerine Dream on the right.

    I just dont understand how i will flush the 1st plant i need to harvest (Right plant). If I run just water wont it hurt the other plant or can i run straight water for 1 week harvest right plant then re put nutes to flower left plant.

    And do i use tap water or distille water to flush?
  8. RO or distilled is better.

    Run a little shorter flush - say 3-4 days as a compromise. Won't hurt your other plant, but don't want to slow it down too much either.
  9. do em both at the same time, and im pretty sure that ya gonna need more than 5 weeks to finish the grow. i did 2 plants n a 5 gal dwc. they came out fine.
  10. You can cut the branches/stalks of the plant that needs to come down first, then continue flushing by submerging the cut ends of the stalks in RO/distilled water, as though they were flowers in a vase.

    It's how I take and flush early sample buds (if left long enough they will survive and even continue to GROW before developing a new root system, even as they deplete their salt/nute reserves), it works great for folks who find themselves in your current situation. :D
  11. Here are some more pics. i am either going to have to let thr right one go 1 1/2 week past and left one 1 1/2 week early or flush for 3 or 4 days remove most of right plant then grow left one for a week or two...By the way how do you think they look?

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