2 pick or not 2 pick!

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  1. :Dso here's the situation, im leaving for a week vacation at the end of this week, its gonna rain all week and i wanted to pick and dry before i left for my trip, if i picked now would it really make a difference on the strengh of the smoke?

    here are some pics from a few mins ago, ill need some professional advice because this is my first grow ever!

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  2. Looks good but i would let them go another week , Go buy a cheap magnifier and look at the tric if I didnt have mine I would of picked already but tric are still all coudy.
  3. i would say you still have about a week, i would stop all ferts. and start flushing with water.
    are you using molasses?
  4. i havent used any nutes besides one dose of miracle grow around june/july.. been just watering and using compost around the base of the plant...(im a noob grower)..

    so lets say i couldnt wait the one more week... would this plant be a waste? or would i still get smokable buds after drying and curing? (this has been my practice run for next year) so im not really concerned with maximum potency and all that.
  5. if i were you i would wait tell the day you are going to leave. the mj plane puts on most of its weight the last two weeks of its life, so if you pick it now. you will lose some of the potency.

    just picket the day you leave, hang it a take some with you.
  6. Give her another two weeks. It will be worth it.
  7. put them under a tree or some shelter and wait till you come back, big diffence in yeild if you weight LOL
  8. Yeah trust the above posts....If i were you I'd MAYBE cut it when I got back....for your first grow if you produce some kill smoke you're gonna be more motivated for next year
  9. Check your weather man,
    I got a 10day forecast in the northwest
    all sun in the mid 70's.
  10. its looking rainy all week here in the northeast, ill give it another few days, only because ill have contractors working in and around my house (dont want them to notice and grab em). wish i would have booked this trip a week later.... only good thing is they should be dried out and rdy for curing when i get back.. thanks for your advice!

  11. YES MAYBE 2 1/2 ,3 YOU WLL LOVE THE END:smoke:
  12. I'd say at least 2 to 3 weeks, but also are those pics really from your iphone? There is a whole sticky devoted to cops being able to trace iphone pics..

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