2 pc grow box questions! please help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by smilelifeis, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Thanks in advance for any advice you could offer! You guys are a big help! :)

    I am wanting to build one of the stealth PC case setups, using this case:


    24", 24" long, great case. I am going to make a divider wall, taking up approximately 4" on the left hand side of the case if looking at its side, to mimic this setup:


    I like this design over the pre-built cases you see on the net because it is entirely self contained, the ability to have a carbon filter setup inside the case, a timer, etc.

    I am wanting to go with an autoflowering feminised strain, to cut down on the n00b errors.

    Anyway, the question(s) are:

    Any personal preference/stories you could share on which strain? I know a Lowryder #2 variation seems to be the best. I was looking at autoflowering feminised Lowryder #2 x AK47, Blue Ryder or Diesel Ryder. For maximum utilization of the set-up space AND a preferring a strain a more cereberal, uppity, social high (i know I really need to go with an indica though) which would be the best?

    With an autoflowering strain like that, I was going to go with 2 42watt CFLs on the inside of the case, with a 120" mm fan on the INSIDE of the case, on the divider wall, right below the lights hooked up to suck air through a carbon filter, as in the second link I posted up there, with a 80" mm fan on the outside to help pull it out. Should I go with the vegetative or flowering cfls? 2 2700ks?

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