2 pac

Discussion in 'General' started by Nova, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. Anyone believe 2pac is still alive? i think hes dead but ya never know^^
  2. i think he's alive
    i have a bunch of reasons but im too lazy to even write one of them down
  3. he's dead. Sorry to those who swear he's alive. i love ya wodin-u know it hun so no offense, but i just think hes gone
  4. Who cares?
  5. thank you eome. You fulfilled my need to post. =)

  6. i actuallly within 2 months have really gotten into his music. Theres a lot of urban knowledge in his music. I've read a lot of conspiracy theories on how he could be alive. If he still is alive I wish he dropped some more tunes for me listen to when baked.
  7. he is so dead, i swear people are in such denial about that shit! there is no possible way he is alive in this world y'all. but that's just my opinion!

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