2 oz. Plant with CFL

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  1. Budget: $50

    Plants: 2 (1x indica // 1x sativa)

    Harvest: 98g dry

    Fertilizer: Miracle Grow All Purpose // Miracle Grow Bloom Booster (<$6)

    Light: 4x 26W CFL blue spectrum // upgraded to a total of 8 CFLs after veg. stage with a mixture of blue and red spectrum lights

    Total Wattage: VEG-104W // FLOWERING-236W
  2. First Entry:

    Sativa vegging in the ceramic pot

    Indica vegging in plastic cup

    Light: 40W Floro tube

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  3. Second Entry:

    1st Pic: 4 additional plants which I killed later

    2nd Pic: Indica

    3rd Pic: Sativa

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  4. Third Entry:

    1st Pic: Small plants which I killed later

    2nd Pic: Indica

    3rd Pic: Sativa

    4th Pic: Indica + Sativa

    Lights: 40W floro tube // 2 CFLs blue spectrum @26W ea.

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  5. \t\t\t \t\t\tFourth Entry:

    1st Pic: Indica after transplating

    2nd Pic: Sativa after transplanting \t\t

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  6. Fifth Entry:

    1st Pic: Sativa

    2nd Pic: Indica

    Lights: 1x 40W CFL red spec
    4 CFLs @ 26W ea.

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  7. Sixth Entry:

    1st Pic: Indica

    2nd Pic: Sativa

    3rd Pic: Sativa from top

    4th Pic: Indica from top

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  8. \t\t\t \t\t\tSeventh Entry:

    1st Pic: Sativa

    2nd Pic: Sativa top

    3rd Pic: Indica top

    4th Pic: Indica \t\t

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  9. Eighth Entry:

    1st Pic: Sativa finally growing those nuggets

    2nd Pic: Indica also growing nuggets now

    3rd+4th Pics: beautiful close ups

    5th Pic: Indica close up (a bit more crystallized than the sativa, although the sativa is almost two weeks older than the indica)

    6th Pic: Sativa close up

    7th Pic: Indica top

    8th Pic: Sativa top

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  10. Ninth Entry:

    1st-3rd Pics: Sativa nugget close ups

    4th Pic: After an incident that involved an untrustworthy friend, the main stem has been cut off prematurely with me not knowing. Some lower branches have also been removed from the indica. You really can't trust anybody.

    5th Pic: Sativa

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  11. Tenth Entry:

    All Pics: Sativa

    The sativa seems to be doing good. The nuggets are thick. The indica has unfortunately been violated and now I'm trying to make the best out of the situation. You can say that the yield has been cut in half when they fucked that plant up.

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  12. very nice grow man props!!:)
  13. very impressive grow, and people doubt cfl's, + rep good sir
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    Eleventh Entry:

    All pics are from the sativa plant.

    Pic 4+5: First main stem

    Pic 6: Second main stem

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  15. Nice grow, bro! What do you mean by your Indica got violated? Also, what kind of time line are we talking here? Is this a condensation or a re-cap of a more detailed journal? If so, I'd like to check that one out - you mysterious clown - you! :D
  16. Someone I used to know and used to trust cut the main stem off the indica. He was desperate. That pretty much cut 1/3 off the total yield.
  17. To be honest I didn't keep track of anything, I just grew and eyeballed absolutely everything - from the amount of nutes to use to the day of flowering and harvest.

    So I can't really tell you exactly the time that has passed in between the individual entries.

    My second grow is going to be more complex though, with better lighting and hopefully hydroponics. Unfortunately I don't really understand the whole hydro stuff. I've read tutorials and guides but still don't really know how to set that stuff up.
  18. :eek: wtf :eek:! The rat-bastard! That's enuff to make a peaceful pot head go ballistic! Did you put yo' foot in his ass?
  19. I slapped the shit out of him in front of his friends who didn't do shit

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