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2 Oz of Jack and an Illadelph

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Hesopchoie, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. I picked up 2 Oz of Jack Herer. I know the picture is horrible. I cant do it justice with my phone. I also got an Illadelph 2 piece blue coil bong for only 10 dollars. The male connector is broken though so Im going to have to repair it, but its a great deal.
  2. yea ur gonna need to get a little more up close buddy.
  3. Def get closer shots. And an illy for 10? How in the...
  4. ^ yea 10$ i kno its broken but still some1 paid half a k for that thing most likely ,
    it would have more sedamental value to it, wuldnt sell it for 10$

  5. Dude they paid a fuck ton more than 500

    Illadelphs are fucking EXPENSIVE.

    Id take it to a glass blower and have them fix it. Cuz what ever they charge you will be less than that things full price (which Im pretty sure would be about 1100)
  6. That's an easy fix if its just the joint...they should be able to remove the broken joint at the seam and add a replacement...its not cheap to fix glass but cheaper than buying new...your looking at like 100 to 200 pending on the blower and your area

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