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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by psykadelic_mess, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. I was sitting home on the computer wishing I had money for weed, when my buddy came over and told me he had gone with his friends and they put a gud in a kids face and stole 2 ounces of great tree from him. My friend got a half for his share, but he didn\'t point the gun, he was just there. Would you feel bad smoking that weed? I didn\'t...damn it was good weed...haha.

    Oh yeah I don\'t wanna make 2 threads but I got a good idea. Take a roll of wrapping paper or something...or a cardboard box maybe...and wrap it around a fan...and shove a shit load of dryer sheets in there...and tape a bunch of sheets together to make one really big sheet...and tape it around the front. BAM! Instant mega-sploof. Haha...did that make sense? If not Ill explain later when I\'m not so fucked up man.
  2. I wouldnt feel bad. You didnt do nothin. Your friends\' friends are assholes though.
  3. That\'s how street wars start. Hopefully they didn\'t jack a big dealer.

    Also your idea is kinda of stupid, a small sploof takes 10 seconds to make and works just the same.

  4. Yeah man but wouldn\'t it be nice to just turn the fan on and be able to just blow the smoke out like normal?
  5. no
  6. Damn sorry if you don\'t like my idea...but why do you gotta be such dicks about it? What fucking harm did I do you? Shit like that pisses me off.
  7. are u talking to me? all i said was no.
  8. I would smoke it.

    People here at the city look down on stealing/robbing.

    I was in the same situation a little bit ago... friend has stolen something and got weed for it, shit... i smoked it. oh well
  9. ya dude i donno i would nvr do it myself but my friends have they actually do it all the time to small time dealers who only carry ~1oz around but the gun is nvr loaded....they just get coked up so they feel invincible...stupid but when it works free weed for a while for me:hello:
  10. Im fine with people stealing small things from stores, corporations but your freinds are complete assholes. I hope they get their asses ripped open and gutted next time they pull this shit and go to prison.

    You are a peice of sh1t for even associating with morons like that. Golden rule motherfucker, treat people like you want to be treated. And no I dont want to be treated badly, but I\'m not involved in stuff like that.

    [COLOR=\"Red\"]No name calling! *RMJL[/COLOR]
  11. damn if i tried taht with my dealer i would be stone cold dead right now, if i stole from him i would be leavin town, i guess ur friend hit the right guy for pot, but thats a pretty lowdown thing to do
  12. Real Low!!
  13. lol, if thier gun is not loaded then they are lucky they dun try it on me, I have my license to carry a concealed weapon and a custom chrome Desert Eagle 50. cal that my father gave to me after he retired from the militray. I always carry it on me and loaded....so far havn\'t gotten to use it yet but I dare someone to mug me and turn their back on me afterwards to run away, lol
  14. umm, dealerz usely get mad when this happen.. u jackin their customerz, which mean they gonna get scare, not go back to buy from them, which mean, dearlerz gonna have people lookin out for his customerz.. i still smoke da bud if da homie jack it. but i would tell him dont do that more.....
  15. i\'d smoke it but your friends are assholes:D
  16. be lucky if that guy doesnt pull a strap and kill your friends
  17. Wow - where are people\'s ethics and morals??? This \'robbing\' and \'jacking\' people gangsta shit is juvenile and idiotic. But, maybe I\'m just older and wiser? NO - I would never do anything like this ever.

    I wouldn\'t even smoke it. I\'d go without before smoking somebody else\'s stolen weed.

    If you don\'t have weed, (or anything you want for that matter), WORK, make some money, and get what you want. Be responsible and take care of yourself instead of stealing it from someone else. This is the behavior the anti-marijuana folks love to tout. Keep it up guys, you\'re really making this world a better place to live in.................:( :( :(
  18. I fully agree with what you have said. Stealing in the first place is just dumb but stealing someone’s bud is just low. Like Jinks said if you don’t have the cash get a job.
  19. All I can say is Karma is a bitch. But to anwser the question honestly I would not smoke that herbal.

    one love

  20. I think thats pretty fucked up myself, I wouldnt smoke it and I wouldnt hang with those people anymore personally.

    that kinda stuffs bullshit, I wouldnt be suprised if the kid comes back for his shit with his own gun.
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