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2 ounces + checkstop = bad luck.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sublizzie, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. One day, my buddy and I were driving to this graveyard thats just off this highway by my house just after we picked up 2 zips from my other friend. We stopped at Wendy's on the way cause we were munchin. We also had this big fat glass bong that i was keeping by my feet. We were in his Cobra, and we were stuck behind this sllllloooowwwww ass grandpa.

    My buddy decides hes gonna be funny and rip around him on the wrong side of the road. Speed limit on that road is 80, and as soon as he breaks 100 and is on the other side of the road, just around the bend we could see 1 cop car. His shits his pants then slowly goes back on his side of the road and slows down to 80.

    As we go around the bend, shit only gets worse, the cops didnt see us pull that shit, but then we saw 6 other squad cars, signs that said "CHECKSTOP", and pigs in bright yellow jackets. Well, they see 2 guys with sunglasses on in a Mustang, what do u think they did? asked us to stop.

    The cop came to the window and demanded lisnese and registration. With his sunglasses still on, my friend gave him what he requested. I was sitting passenger side, with a freezer bag full of 2 ounces of the stinkiest bud around in our left over Wendy's bag lying on the floor by my feet. Also by my feet was the huge glass bong. We were high. In the middle of a checkstop with 10 cops around us.

    The cops looks at the cards quickly an asks my friend, "whats insurance on this beast" calmly but shakily he replies "uhhh...about $250, sir". He looks at his partner who is on the other side of the car, looks back at the both of us with glaring eyes and says "you guys have a nice say."

    We were lucky to get away. holy shit. Anyway, dont be a dumbass like me and never keep any weed in your car.
  2. I would've probaly shit my pants to say the least. Glad you guys made it ok. I hate checkstops. :(
  3. at lest u guys got off clean 2 of my buds just got bussed.
  4. i once gto stopped 2 times in 1 drive, i was high and speeded at the same time, and just pure luck made me get away with it.

    my only advice to you is dont talk back to them, ansver as short as possible , and dont get into a conversion with the cop, they are trained to look for ppl that talk a lot, and behave strange.

    talking a lot is the first sign of something wrong.
  5. shit dude i hate cops my heart would have stopped does wheni just see them drive by me on the road ..weither i have bud with me or not .....always out to ruin somebodys day dude you were lucky
    ..dont press you luck though adivice is only bring like a nug or 2 when your in your car ..nothing taht you cant eat or smoke real quick......
  6. that shit would suck.. blows ur high when something like that happens.

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